Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love him when..

October 07, 2006 - Robert and Haley's Official One Year Anniversary

Yes, I am wearing a fake mustache, but that I will explain later.

There it is. One year together already and finally. That's basically how quickly it went by and how soon it came. I feel like we've been together forever, because we fit with each other so right, so naturally. But the very fact that we've been basically living together a year as well is crazy to me. I can't believe how quickly the year came! I love that we've been together for an entire year. My Last Year memories from this point on are all with Robert. Not with anyone else but him. We are so good together that it used to scare me. I'd wonder when things were going to go all wrong. But I have to stop living like that. I have to just live without doubts or fears. We love each other. We aren't in those puppy love stages where I almost cry when he leaves the room. Haha. Yes, I used to be like that. That is sad. I miss him when he's gone. I want him around when he isn't. When he is, we spend time together. We may not realize it, but we can't stay away from each other.

Rob and I are casually in love. We are so used to eachother like we've been together for years, yet we are just that much in love that others can see that it is true.

You know you love a person when:

1. I am proud when he opens his mouth to speak to my family and friends.
2. He treats my mother like his own.
3. Everyday he makes me laugh with his bizarre behaviour.
4. I sneak a sniff of his t-shirts before I drop them in the washing machine.
5. I wear a picture of him around my neck when he was three months old...and I get
asked CONSTANTLY at work how old my baby is...
6. I love his family like my own.
7. He babies me when I don't feel good.
8. He goes out of his way to please me..
9. I can't wait to make lil' replicas of us together!
10. He is my best friend.

Those are just a few things off hand. As for now; UFC Ken Shamrock VS. Tito Ortiz FIGHT #3 is on tv. It's not PayPerView..which is pretty well unbelievable. Rob's shouting at me to get in the living room so I don't miss it. So instead of writing about how much I love my man.... I am going to go love on him instead!

PS- The mustache story will have to wait!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, a year already? That went by fast!! Love how much you love him!