Sunday, October 15, 2006

Table for Four

Company is coming..

My very good friend Morgan and her beau are coming for my first official "couples" visit. Rob and I have had our friends come to visit, but never a friend with his significant other. So this is another "first" to add to our list.

I can only hope that we do well to entertain. Like all things I tend to think too much into everything. A at work says " You are over explaining again..." I guess that's what to expect from a person that wants to be a writer. If I didn't over explain everything I couldn't get my point out there the way that I wanted it to.

Even though Morgan told me not to clean like a crazy woman, prior to her arrival, I did just that. We cleaned yesterday morning for a couple of hours. I hadn't realized how dirty my cupboards were until I started cleaning them front to back. My house has been filthy for a whole year and it took me this long to realize!! I saved sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor and of course, dusting for today. Again, I knew I wouldn't like this decision I made yesterday, today. Now I have to clean a little bit more. Oh well, no biggy.

The only bad thing about this visit is that they aren't going to see very much of us, because Rob and I are both working steady while they're here. They'll get us in the evenings. I hope that they don't mind going out on their own. We'll give them plenty of direction and ideas for a nice day out of course.

Well the news on my dad is back. He does apparently have a low grade cancer. People are probably wondering why I posted this part last. But it's because he has a really positive feeling about it and speaking from experience; it doesn't sound overly serious. I'll know more by... the 23rd. What's the point in worrying when it can wait until he knows everything and I can look at the big picture rather than the millions of "what ifs".

I can't say that I am fine with it. It really does make me think. But there's nothing we can do but wait and see how everything unfolds. I said to Kyli when I explained it to her, that there are unfortunately, thousands of little kids that battle cancer everyday and are going hard and strong as ever. If little kids can do it, certainly our own grown father can. Mind you I am not sure if I said that to make her feel better or me...

I am hours away from the company arriving and I am a little anxious for them. I am sure everything will work out smoothly. Apparently Rob's little buddies are planning on triple threating us with a visit. Uh oh.. three boys and Rob for how long I wonder...?? Now that is something to worry about!


holli said...

I think that's a good attitude to take about your father. Don't bother worrries. If they find you, so be it. I'll say a prayer for you all.

In the meantime, enjoy your company.


whisky said...

Have fun with your visitors :) and I hope all goes as wll as possible with your father.