Monday, September 11, 2006

Anonymous Message

It feels so good to be this far from "home!"

I was on the phone with my best friend. She was just telling me about another one of our friends that passed through our home town. Now she was the girl that hadn't visited Hinton since my step dad's "service". So she wasn't really looking forward to it. So she stopped in at the Smitty's (the one I worked at for far too long) and saw the very people that she did not want to see. She gets a an anonymous phone call hours later.. "if we ever see your face in Hinton again, we'll kick your ass."

Now, a couple of years ago this would have made me feel sick to my stomach with worry. But I mean... how old are we? It just makes me LAUGH. How can people still hold onto that bully thing years later.... many, many years after high school for some... It just is such a joke to me. Now this is the very reason why I am happy to be living in British Columbia, faaaar, faaaar away from that stink hole. (Hinton has a mill; therefore it stinks..literally.)

I walk around here and I am at ease and peace with the world. Even though Q.B resembles Pleasantville, it is a great place to live without drama. At least it's been working for Rob and I so far. Everything about this town is perfect. The flowers are perfect, the roads are perfect.. it is a strange occasion when garbage is actually seen on the ground, before someone picks it up.. Someone left their car keys ... and I'm not talking about a piece of shit car... but a Niiiiiiice car.. These car keys were forgotten, and someone taped them to the mail box that they were found near. These keys were there for weeks... WEEKS. It had an alarm push pad on the key ring as well, and no one stole it! Mind you-- ALLLL of my cd's and cd adaptor was stolen out of my car a few month ago. I think that the young kids around here are all messed up.. They're too bored and do the strangest things to keep themselves occupied. Other than the youth in this town.... everything else is perfect!!

I love my life here. I feel more independent and there are no strings connecting me to my hometown anymore. All of my friends have left and moved on with their lives. They'd probably agree with this post.

Every town is someone's hometown... Again; to each his own.

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holli said...

LOL!! I'm sorry, the anonymous ass kicking message would have cracked me up too.

It's so liberating getting the F out of your hometown. That is the one thing I don't like about where I'm living now.. running into people I didn't like in highschool.