Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chinese Food and 5K under my Belt

For the passed week or so I have had this 5k run on my mind. There's an admission fee of $10.00 and that money goes towards cancer. So Bobbi and I decided to go for it. It's good exercise and we'll feel great about it once we're finished.

Saturdays are usually my "Friday" because my days off are Sundays and Mondays. So I have usually had it by Saturday and come home to veg out and be lazy. When I got home I guzzled down a Dr. P and indulged in a plate of QF Chinese Food. QF is our grocery store and they make okay Chinese food but it almost always makes me feel crappy after. I downed it and thought about how much I wish I hadn't. I knew full well that I had to run the next morning but I just didn't seem to care at the time. All night that food was making me feel awful and I was beginning to get a little worried that I wouldn't do as well on my run.

Well I woke up a few times before I had to really get up and get into my running clothes. Bobbi was at the house by 8:30 and we were both sprawled out on my living room floor stretching out our legs. It was really fun. There were probably about forty or more runners. There were kids that looked like they were quite recently pulled out of bed to participate. There were the hard cores, with their tight spandex pants and expensive matching running shirts and flashy Nike shoes. There were chubby ladies that had no intention of running, which was perfectly fine as well.

The count down was over before I knew it and we were all off. It was a beautiful run. We ran through the walking trails and we were completely engulfed in the tropical like trees. Bobbi pointed out the trees above us and how they looked like green lace hanging over our heads. There was a faint mist of rain which was perfect for our sweating bodies. We did it. We ran 5k in thirty seven minutes and seventeen seconds. It was a wonderful feeling. I was overjoyed and felt so proud that we had done it. I am not huge on hugging but as soon as we crossed the finish line I jumped up and grabbed my aunt and gave her a well deserved hug. She's 47 and none of her other sisters would be caught dead out there running like that. We did it.

5k isn't that bad. (3 miles) I thought it would be horrendous but it was nothing close to that. I bet we could do 10k if I avoided the Chinese Food the night before and she avoided the beer and nachos.

I still can't believe I did something like this. I love this new feeling, this new passion to push myself..

Look at my slit eyes..I'm pretty!

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Kudos to you!