Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here's To You

Valentine's Day.

A day to be bitter or involved with all of it's ribbons and hearts. I for one choose to be into this day because I am very much involved with my boy. He was on my mind all day while I worked. I watched old couples pass by the shop and it made me curious. How long had they been together? They must know each other so well.

Yesterday an old man stood proudly next to his little lady. Just before I asked him what he wanted, he snuck in a little peck on her little white head. It was the sweetest thing I have seen. Older folks don't seem to show their affection as much in public. To see it was really something else. My heart warmed at the hint of this man's love for his wife.

I only imagine what Rob and I will be like when we're dried up and gray.. We'll be cute I think. He is very affectionate towards me. I, for some reason like to keep my cheek kissing or lap sitting for in our own house. I don't like to be public with my love and I think that's fine. I do like to show him a little extra once in awhile at the grocery store or at the mall. I'll put my head on his shoulder or give his sides a little squeeze just to let him know that I know he's there..

Today was a good day. Rob has made me really realize that the two of us are a little mini family. We will grow on it one day but for now it's just the two of us. My family is scattered all over. I don't want to get into mom but she's off doing her own new thing, with her new and exciting life. She's happy and I'm leaving it at that. I really feel like I am now apart of my own family more than ever.

So Today I celebrate candies, hearts and ribbons.. for my mini family..

Here's to you and me kid!

He said I bring out the kid in him.... I think so too..

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