Monday, July 30, 2007

Glancing at the Path

Reading back into my blog I found some pretty intriguing posts. Back when I referred to Rob as *Him or *He. It's cute how coy I was being even in my writing. I'd play with idea around but before I introduced *Him he had to someone who was going to be around for a while.

It is clear that we're still new in my writing. I don't mention him in every post but when I do it's special. Reading the stories about him bring me back to those times. We were still such a fresh couple with insecurities and feelings held back just in case it didn't work out. But now everything comes naturally. It's nice to see how far we've come every once in awhile.

Today I went with him to one of his "odd jobs." I've only gone with him twice before today but to be honest, I go because we really bond on a totally different level. We're working with someone else but we're kind of buddies too. He is always including me making sure that I feel important too. Like today we had to pack acrylic molds into boxes and organize them in a shed. Rob made sure to give me a job while he packed the boxes. Once I was finished taping boxes together, I handed him the heavy molds. It wasn't fun, fun. But it was spending time with him in a different way. We were explaining to the lady we were helping that we've been together for two years and have a house of our own. She seemed impressed and surprised even. I like thinking that Rob and I really doing something big with our lives at our age. I know that a lot of people move out with loved ones, but it is such a huge step, a commitment. I know that we aren't ready to get married but I also know that marriage isn't too far off the path either. That excites me more than I thought it ever would. Rob is everything I ever wanted. He loves and respects me so much. He is proud of me and is the first to tell others about something I accomplished let it be big or small. And I really look up to him. I'm so proud of the work he does. He's so handy to have around the house, fixing things here and there.

Already we are like a married couple. So this way we'll know each other truly when we are wed.

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hollibobolli said...

This was such a wonderful post - I'm so happy for you. When did you all get a house? I love reading that you all are heading responsibly towards marriage. Lots of people don't do that and they're surprised when they get there (eh hem - moi). I'm glad you've met the right person.. and more importantly - you know it.