Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Growing Family

An entire month full of family and friends, love and joy has gone by and I choose now to finally write about it. There's only one excuse for my lack of writing and that is because I have been so busy. I've been bombarded with friends and family. But I am glad that we had such an eventful time.
First of all Rob's folks arrived with Uncle Pete, Erin and her buddy Alex in tow. They were here just after July 1st. We had a full house for nearly a month. Like I said, I did enjoy the noise and busy bustle of our house. The weather was really fantastic for everyone as well. So it felt like I too was on vacation while everyone was here. So much that I haven't been going to the gym. ( my only downside.)
Erin and I got along magically. We did before but we misunderstood each other. I wasn't sure that I could be honest with her without her being upset. She taught me to be honest, not to hold back to be polite or because I was afraid of how she might react. She gave me some balls so to speak and I will be forever greatful. The girl taught me a life lesson and I will always remember that.
Sam and Ryan Rhodes ( now, hehe.) were married on July 07th. It was a great wedding. It was so laid back and relaxed. Sam and Ryan really are a couple that represents the miracle of love so sublimely. Their love for each other is something else, something that not all married people bestow. Their faces lit up whenever they saw each other that day. The reception was a lot of fun. There was live music which involved an impressive number of Sam's family and herself. She has the most poetic lyrics and her voice is unique and calming. The wedding experience really was one of my favourite parts of my summer so far.
My birthday was July 16th and I turned 22. Last year Andrea had a big birthday bash for me. So this year we decided to have another one. The yard was cleaned up and Aunty Lou's creative decorating stood out for all of my guests to see. Joe and Kyli came out for the night for me and to see Rob's family again. I was touched by the outcome of guests and how much they all cared to come and spend my birthday with me.
This month has been fantastic. My mom and I have grown apart, but closer all at once. We understand each other a bit better now and we both find comfort in one another. I am happy with her new life and she with mine. Kyli and Joe are getting married next summer!! Joe asked her on July 6th to David Grey's "This Year's Love". I get to represent my sister by being her Maid of Honour next year as well. Lincoln will be in the wedding and so is Rob! We were so excited when Joe asked Rob because we didn't think he was going to. He hadn't said anything about it and I didn't want to push. Even though I really, really did! Our family is growing. I wish Linc was more involved. I wish he could move here and start a new life like all of us got to. My dad is cancer free ! His results came back and there shouldn't be anymore treatments. We'll see how he's doing when he gets his next check up.
Robert and I are doing fantastic. We have grown up significantly since last summer. We continue to and I look forward to seeing how far we've gone in another year's time. Talk of marriage isn't something that we are putting off. We are both grown ups and know that it will be happening in our near future. Not in the next two years, I imagine but soon after. We have other things to focus on right now. Rob's Odd Job business is going well. He fixes odds and ends for people all over our town. They hear about him from other people that he's helped and we get random phone calls for him to rid roofs of moss, or to put in patio stones. I have gone with him a couple of times now. I have earned the name Handy Haley. Handy Haley and Odd Job Rob. How cute. I never thought that I'd actually enjoy helping him out on these jobs, but I do. They're interesting and I get to use his tools. It's cute and fun doing new things together.
In a nutshell, in a few hundred words or so that is what I haven't been writing about. Hopefully I don't wait as long to write another.
Summer time when the livin's easy..
The family- minus one Erin and one Lincoln.

There's Erin- at the church.

Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes

The newly engaged goofs.

Loving at the Wedding.

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