Saturday, April 09, 2011

Smiles For Miles

April 07, 2011 ~ another angel leaves this earth.

The lyrics " I don't understand why you do the things you do....." enter my mind. I don't know who the artist is that sings them, or what the name of the song is.. But it's the first thing I think of when I am told, that Miles has passed in his sleep. He is 4 months old and his time in this world was too short.

It is too difficult to try and make sense of a situation such as this. When children or babies are taken - there's no justification. One thing I do know- is that the world works in mysterious ways.... Things happen, for a reason.. and usually it takes a lot of thought to figure out why. Robert and I discussed the situation at length over the passed few days. We came up with this.. Miles was an angel while he was here. His purpose wasn't to live a full life, to experience how to talk or walk.. but it was to make an impact in the short time he was here. And he did.. boy did he ever. We met him once- last Sunday. I truly believe that Miles' purpose in this world, was to bring his family together. The last few days, have been surreal and unbelievable for everyone. Family has traveled from all over to be there for Miles' mommy and daddy. One thing we realized was that.. no matter what- death truly brings people together. Time stands still.. the busy bustle of life and routine are put on hold. No matter what- families grieve together- no matter the location or the cost..

Miles' mom, Coral is an inspiration. No doubt is this the most difficult thing she will ever have to deal with.. Losing a child, is unimaginable to people that haven't experienced it.. But during all of this- she talks about Miles being too good for this world. He was too good to stay.. And she's 100% right. Miles was meant to be a gift- something to cherish, and remember.. and love for always. Coral is a young soul, at 24 years old. A mother of two. A positive, beautiful, free spirit.. that sees the good in everything. She is someone I will look up to for always because of this. She is beautiful, honest and true to herself. She is loved by so many and in so many thoughts and prayers. She is also blessed with an almost 2 year old daughter, Evelyn. Evelyn is the light in everyone's day. She is the anchor, as her Grandma Lou would say. She is the sunshine that enters the room, the chuckle that follows the tears. She is too young to know that her baby brother is no longer.. But, she is the perfect solution to all of the pain. Bless her little soul.. Already she conveys the traits of her Mama.. What a lucky little lady.

Miles~ baby boy, with a smile that brightens your entire face... I hope you enjoyed all the love you felt from your family. Because beautiful boy- you were loved every day that you lived.. and every day that you are away. We will always remember you.. and we will be sure to mention your name and smile. We will be sure to tell stories of your four months here. I will be sure to remember the one day that I was with you. You were perfect, a gift.. and now an angel.

Here's to you baby boy- with every memory that comes to mind- years and years of Smiles.. for Miles..


Kim said...

Oh Haley,I can hardy see these letters for the tears still in my eyes.Your writing will be cherished by Miles'family. You once again speak to my heart.I am so proud that you are my daughter.This brings Philip and Courtney"s lives to my mind and that's good,that's always so good.Life is precious and you are precious to me. I love you Dolly. Mom xo

Rob's Tots said...

he was an angel....