Friday, December 23, 2011

White Christmas

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.. Just like the one I used to know.."

I'm in Thunder Bay, Ontario for my very first Christmas with the Junkala Clan. I feel warm and fuzzy with the holiday spirit and especially loved by all of my new family. It is also my first Christmas away from my own family as well. I have always had at least one of my family member's with me during the holidays. So I made sure, to bring along some of our family traditions.
One thing we always eat at Christmas time is Crab dip. So I made sure to buy enough cream cheese and crab to feed everyone all season long. I also bought a very expensive bottle of Bailey's for my coffee on Christmas morning. It's a must-have and I have had a Bailey's coffee on Christmas morning, for at least ten years. There's just something about the taste of crab dip and Bailey's coffee that reminds me of Christmas and Home.
It's interesting that a taste or a smell can bring me back to a time, when I had little worries. Christmas morning was magical and exciting and unforgettable. Every.Single.Year.
Of course the holidays are difficult when family members are no longer around. But, I try not to let that bring me down. It's not always easy to control my emotions. Sometimes, I just feel too much and the tears come and I can't stop. But, being a part of this family, the Junkala's is a true gift this Christmas. I never have had a problem fitting in because they are always here for me, with open arms.
This year at Christmas I want to focus on family. I want to focus on the unity of this family, with every outburst, "Where's my camera Daaaaaaaad!? to every silly comment, "Why'd he park like that?" to "Is that beer spilling out of the ceiling?" - each and every grumble, growl and giggle.
To my mama, Andrea- you give, give, give and work so hard to make us comfortable and happy all year round but especially at Christmas time. We are having such a magical Christmas, because of you and your efforts. The house looks festive and is full of yummy Holiday baking and food. Thank you.
To my dad, Rodney- you work so hard for us to be able to come for this holiday. It has been so nice, being able to come here this year, to celebrate Christmas with the families. It is truly wonderful being a part of your Thunder Bay Christmas. Thank you.
To my sister, Erin- you have a big heart and I am so happy to be your sister. I think of you as my friend, a person to giggle with and bitch to.. and someone to borrow clothes from and tell secrets to. You give me that sister feeling, I miss this time of year. I'm so happy to be here with you this Christmas and ESPECIALLY on Christmas morning. Thank you.
To my husband, Robert- you are a mixture of everyone. You are kind, giving, loving and all you want for Christmas is to see me happy here with you. I love you and I thank you so much for being my husband, so that we can share each and every year together.
So this Christmas, we have snow falling from the sky, just like when I lived back in Alberta. A White Christmas, just like the one I used to know.. with a family, as loving and caring as the one I have had many, many a Christmas' ago.


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