Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Night Off

 That's it! I officially took the night off. No studying, no math, no catching up (which my goodness I have a lot to do!) and no math.. did I mention NO MATH! Today I took my final for my Product Prep course. If I didn't mention before, it has a lot to do with math and it's horrendous. Yes, I sound dramatic. However, I am really terrible at math and for me, this has been the most challenging thing I have done in the whole 'getting registered' process.

 So today, I finished the exam with 58 seconds to spare.. (Gulp.. still not so sure how I did....) and I had the day ahead of me to jam pack full of a bunch of things that basically ate up my entire day. Of. course. I did get to clean the hell out of my house, which felt AMAZING.. since I've been seriously neglecting it for some time.

 I've been away from Blogland AND life for quite some time. I just finished my Product Prep (which includes compounding and a lot of math) and I'm currently in the last couple of weeks of Professional Practice (which includes legislation and ethics, scope of practice, etc.) Once that final is finished on April 01st....  I have the provincial Evaluating Exam on the 12th. (Eeeeeek!!! Why so soon after you ask!? Because I didn't have a choice!) Then in June, the Jurisprudence and in September the Qualifying. IF- I pass this final that I did today, which is still a genuine question.. then I think I may just be able to pull this off. However, if I failed that exam I will have failed the course and I would have to repeat the entire class again, which would be very, very, very deflating.

 ANYWAYS!! Onto more fun things... Sweet Alina turned two on the 8th and she is bigger than ever. She's talking up a storm, calling "Mommy!" every moment she can. She's very nurturing and plays 'mom' to her babies all of the time. She loves to colour with markers and is a big fan of eating. She just had her grandparents here for a few weeks and had the time of her life. Her "Monster's" birthday party with family was a hit.. She got a tricycle from us and a wagon from her grandparents. So anytime we can, we're either taking her for trike rides around the hood or pulling her around in her wagon.

 I hope to tune in more often after the exams are done in April. Rob was called to an accident (fire department stuff) and Alina's bedtime was eight. I felt like I should probably have started my catch up in the other course, but I vowed to myself that I was going to get a true night off. So I blogged instead! I miss all of my followers and blog friends out there.. and again, hope to return soon to comment and catch up on blogs and to post more often!! Until then...



Jade Wright said...

Yayyyyyyyy - you know why x

Brianna said...

Oh my goodness, Alina has gotten so big! What a beautiful little family! I'm so glad you took the night off for yourself. It's definitely much needed sometimes!

Amanda said...

Alina is just getting more and more beautiful! Glad to see you back! x

Tabitha Lee said...

Woo hoo for no Math for while! Glad you got a night off. I am sure it was very well deserved. Love the big theme! Alina is growing so fast! Such a cutie she is. Looking forward to hopefully hearing more from you in April. ;-)