Friday, April 17, 2015

Monkey See Monkey Do

 It's incredibly crazy how much your little one IF/WHEN you have one.. watches your every move. Alina is our little mini-me. She repeats everything we say.. 'Alina, let's go get you some milk from the kitchen..' To which she replies, 'Go get milk in kitchen?' Or, 'Daddy stinks.. he tooted..!'  'Daddy tooted." Or.. my favourite, "Oh shit!" when I drop something, hit my foot, you name it, I think I must say it often enough. The lady that watches her everyday told me that when the kids drop things or when she drops her food from her tray she replies with an "Oh shit..."  (However, I would like to add that that information was from a few months ago and I'm hoping she isn't still saying it. I haven't asked...)

 As I've mentioned before and the reason why I haven't been blogging for the past several months is because I am in the painful process of getting my certification as a pharmacy technician. I am doing a bridging program that is only offered until December of 2015. So I had to double up my courses and hurry to finish so that I could qualify to take the evaluating, jurisprudence and qualifying exams this year. So far, I have five exams under my belt. (Four finals from the bridging program and I passed!) The evaluating I did last weekend and have to wait ONE MONTH to see if all of my hard work has paid off. If so- onto the next hurdle. My two finals were on March 18 and April 01st then my evaluating was on April 12. So I was studying A LOT and Alina got used to it. Her dad was the main parent on the weekends while I hid away in the basement trying to memorize everything that I could. There were a few times where Alina would run over to my desk and sit in my chair, pretending to use the mouse. Rob asked her what she was doing and she would say, "I'm studying." So there's the proof that I was working hard right there.

There's my girl.. studying.
   Rob has always been very open about his guitars, when it came to Alina. He always let her touch the guitar when he was playing or let her bang on it when she would crawl over to it. There have never been limits with her with it and she definitely respects it. So when he bought her her very own little guitar, she was pretty excited. He has it sitting beside our guitars and I think that makes her feel pretty special and included.

 So there it is, Alina is both of us wrapped into one. Kind of a given, but it's still fun to see happen right before our own eyes.


Amanda said...

She's just the absolute cutest! i bet she has Rob wrapped around her little finger! x

Jade Wright said...

This was such a beautiful post, Haley.
I've missed your blog so much but I'm really stoked that you (and Alina) are working so hard to achieve your goals!
Well done for being where you are - it's all so worth it in the end and you'll do great I just know you will.

Love the guitar pics again!! She is adorable.
My brother is also very open with Jenson about the guitar and he gets absolutely mesmerized by it.
She looks very comfortable with the instrument - bet she's going to be such a talented little lady with you and Rob as her folks xxxxx

Missed you Haley! Sending all my love your way xxx

Tabitha Lee said...

It is so crazy how they become little mini's of you. It makes sense but it is still amazing to see. She is just the cutest with that guitar.

Hope all is going well with your crazy school and schedule!