Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Miracle That Is My Dishwasher

Dishwashers. That's right, I dedicate my post to the most useful invention ever created. EVER. I'm dead serious. When I moved in with Rob we were young and in love and excited to be together. However, our little two bedroom house did not possess a dishwasher. We lived in that house for eight years. Eight. Years. We probably would have been a lot happier in our relationship if we had just had a machine to do all of our dish washing.

 I can't explain how fantastic it is to finally have something that just hides the ugly, sticky dishes away in. It's literally a cupboard where you stash your mess until you are ready to push a button and in an hour, boom.. your mess is clean. Imagine explaining that to your great grandparents? The dishwasher would be a serious Jetson-like invention to your great grandparents.

  However, I am ruined for life now that I have tasted the fruits of Eden's Garden; my Kenmore dishwasher. I now make it a goal, a true accomplishment to avoid cleaning anything by hand. There are the exceptions; the wok that is too large or my giant cutting board that I don't want to risk ruining with too many dishwashing washes. I swear I will rearrange the entire dishwasher to fit a tiny bowl that would probably only have taken me a moment to clean by hand. I am ruthless at the idea that I will not ever clean a dish that can be easily stowed away and forgotten in the miracle that is my dishwasher. Loading the dishwasher properly is a fine art. It must be done properly and when I have company over that wants to help I cringe at their loading styles. When I am cooking a big dinner, for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I usually do a couple of loads if I can. By the time we all eat, those dirty gravy smeared plates can head right into their rightful homes.

 Did I take a couple of pictures of my freshly cleaned dishes to show my blogging viewers.. you bet your ass I did! Did I take a selfie with my clean dishes and dishwasher.. but of course. Do I need a life!? .............................maybe.


Amanda said...

Oh man. I wish I had a dishwasher!!!!

Tabitha Lee said...

This is too cute. The dishwasher was a genius invention for sure. I would never have a place without one again. :)

Megan Campbell said...

Giiiiiirl I have never lived without one and I don't want to! I am a major tupperware user and there's nothing worse than not getting the tupperware clean and it smells like whatever food was previously in it...nope. not a fan!

Yay! I'm glad your life is a little easier with this glorious machine :)

Jade Wright said...

Eight years without a dishwasher..... ouch. I haven't had one in a couple of years for the same reason but something seriously needs to be done about it now!

Hahaha this post really made me laugh - especially your thumbs up pic ;) bwahahaha

Haley!! Big news...... I'm engaged!!!

Gordon Patton said...

I always felt that I never shared the excitement of 'the dishwasher' with my partner, but I guess considering she was the one that used it it wasn't meant to be. It wasn't until she left me for a week to go on a business trip that I appreciated this great engineering miracle in the same way you do.

Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing and Heating Ltd.