Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Haley Pie Chart

 Am I a blogger? It doesn't feel like it much lately.. I started this blog nearly ten years ago. I can honestly say it got me through a bit of a low time in my life and then when things picked up, I dropped Truth Be Told. I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened. Years later, I was on maternity leave and had all of the time in the world to start it back up again. So I did and that year was by far my best work at Truth Be Told. Now, I am back at my lull.

 With Mother's Day being a relevant topic for discussion, I've been inspired by a little cartoon that's being shared around Facebook these days.

 I thought the cartoon was cutesy funny and I shared it with a friend. But it made me think about all of the parts of me that are stretched every which way. Yes, I'm a mom and that's a large chunk of the Haley Pie Chart, but there are so many other roles that I am on a day to day..

The Student

 Sigh.. we've all heard enough about my year of schooling. It's been intense, it's been challenging and I'm not even there yet.. Le Sigh.

The Cook

 Oh am I ever THE cook around here. No matter what, even if I'm working full days, I get home and I have the lovely challenge of making dinner. Every Sunday I sit down and grudgingly focus and think up at least five suppers for the week. I write down my ingredients and hit up the grocery store. That way, I don't have to think about what I have to make, I just have to make it. The making it part sounds easy on that Sunday when I plan, of course once I'm physically doing it.. it's not so effortless.

The Wife/Seductress 

 Not only am I someone's wife.. I have to remember to 'keep it real'.. as in, TRY. Haha.. That's funny because there are so many times when the very idea of shaving my legs to my knee seem like so much work. However, I think the minute you stop trying in your relationship, things get too boring and ordinary. I do put on makeup on the weekends and try to wear something that my husband might comment on. (He doesn't always..) But at least I feel good about myself and the fact that I'm still putting in the effort to look and then feel nice.

The Recycler/Dishwasher/Retired Sweeper

 I say that I am those things because I am the one that does those things. Oh! I forgot bathroom cleaner. Rob has never declared that he doesn't 'do' those certain chores. But he doesn't do them very often. Luckily, we got ourselves a new house with a sweet miracle maker aka dishwasher and the sweeping has been taken off of my shoulders. We are the proud owners of well.. one Roomba we named Gary and a Bobi that is the Canadian version of the Roomba. Bobi is being returned and the Roomba is taking its place and MY place as this primary sweeper. The new house is wonderful but there is a lot more to sweep!! I also take the garbage out, empty the compost and take the recycling out to the drive every other week. Rob does plenty of other things around here but it would be nice to get his voluntary help more often....

The Mom

The early days with Alina

 That's about it... I'm a mom. I think I'm pretty good at being Alina's mom and I think she's pretty good at being my daughter. It works.

The Blogger

 Even though I haven't been the best blogger lately, I have had a blog for ten years, so I suppose I have the right to call myself one. I love writing and writing about whatever I fancy on a public forum is exactly what I enjoy doing.. I hope I've been entertaining enough for those few followers I do have.. It's the most consistent form of writing I've been able to do for all of these years (besides my own private journal) and I feel like if someone took my blog away, I'd be lost without it. Less dramatic: I'd be pretty bummed out that it was all gone.

The Friend

 To be fair, I think I'm kind of a shitty friend. Lately, for sure. I'm just too involved with my own stuff to have the time to give to people that don't live under this roof! I love the friends I have back home .. the girls! The very girls that I rarely get to see.. The ones that have made their own friends in their adult lives and I feel some sadness that I don't get to be there for their gatherings.. But, those friends we make in high school seem to last and I find I miss them the most! The new friendships I've made are good and I'm grateful for them.. Friends are important to have!

The Daughter/The Sister

 Too much for one little paragraph! I miss my peeps..! My sister lives across the country on the opposite side of Canada. My mom and brother live in the same province and I don't see them too often either! So I definitely have a void in my life that is my immediate family but when we do get together, it's special..
 My in laws were amazing at making me feel at home in their house when I first met them and they continue to make me feel like part of the family. I've known them for nearly ten years and I am so comfortable around all of em! They have always been there for me through it all and I love them to bits for it.
  I'm a lot of things.. I'm not even done but I don't think I have enough time to finish up all of my roles in this life!!! So.. what's your FAV role in your life? Aww shucks, you guessed it.. the most rewarding one is being a mama!



Megan Campbell said...

10 yearsss?! Look at you! I can't even imagine haven't a blog for that long. I HOPE I do so I can document all the changes that have happened in my life along the way.
I love this post! It's true- Mama's are special people who wear many different hats. Happy Mother's Day!
ps. since I don't know if I'll talk about it on the blog and I know you might miss it- Steve and I broke up :(

Amanda said...

I think what it all boils down to is that you are amazing! x

Kerri Lynne said...

Happy Mothers Day! I was just looking at that picture from our walk at the beach today too! You rock and I'm looking forward to our camping trip! In the meantime take it easy!

Jade Wright said...

I feel just like you Haley - not like a blogger at all lately. I've been so busy with LIFE that I haven't had the chance to really take care of my blog and keep in touch with mybeloved blog friends. It's sad! I miss it but I just have other priorities right now!

I really hope your student life is going well! I know you'll do amazingly Haley - I don't know you really but at the same time I do... and Iknw that you're a hard ass worker :)
It'll all pay off!!!

You have SO much to do in your day love - I can't imagine it! Sam (my fiance :O ) normally does the cooking unless there's something of mine specifically that he wants that he knows I make better... but even then he likes to interfere ahem... ruin.. my food. Like turning my lovely mash potato into soup by adding waaaaaaay too much milk. Makes me furious hahaha but we both love cooking which is great.

Never stop trying to put in the effort with yourself - important always to make yourself feel good and hubby must acknowledge that but do it for yourself first and foremost :)

I never knew you had a brother and sister!! You must have mentioned it in your letters.. how interesting!! You look identical to your brother my word!!! :)

Love the way you ended this Haley.
Miss your blog, chatting with you and most of all your letters. Must do it again sometime.

Keep well you hard working woman and have some fun too :) xxxxxxx
Happy w.end!

WTF to verify my comment I had to select all images with steak.....

Deidre said...

I've had my blog is *gulp* 2003 and it is gathering dust since i've gotten my full time job. I just feel like there is nothing left to write about now that I spend the majority of my time at work or recovering from being at work (I have a serious case of the introverts).

You, my friend, are incredible though!