Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fighting Old

 I'm thirty.. I know some people have a difficult time turning different ages, whether it be 30, 40, etc. I didn't have a hard time turning thirty but it meant something. It was a pivotal moment in my life, where I suddenly became more aware of little things. Little indications that I am starting to - dare I write the words- .... get old.

 Wrinkles. Yes, it's a thing. I remember my sister in law mentioned that she was getting them maybe a year or more ago and I thought- pfft, who cares about wrinkles? Then, I started to notice when I was applying my concealer (the one that hides the dark circles under my eyes) that the skin under my eyes wasn't the way it used to be... It was getting more difficult to apply that makeup, I had to blend it in more or it would cake to the lines under my.. wait. Those lines, are the wrinkles! I have wrinkles. Okay, that's fine. But even those dark circles are getting more and more difficult to hide. I used to wear that concealer because it brightened me up but it wasn't something I had to have. Now, I don't feel comfortable without it and mid-day, I'll go to the bathroom and feel like I need to reapply.

   Solution: I've been looking for the right make up to cover up my dark circles and feel hopeful that I found the right stuff at Wal Mart of all places.

Embarrassing Temptations. So the other day, I was at Costco and I saw a three pack of ladies underwear. For a split second I thought how nice it would be to have a three pack that I could buy instead of sorting through tiny La Senza underwear that is intended for sixteen year old butts.. However- I'm not there yet. I can't do it. The day I begin buying three packs of women's underwear from Costco is the day I can officially say that I am old. (Sorry for any offended birds out there that jump at a Costco three pack. I envy your uncomplicated panty shopping.)

 Solution: I will actually put some time and effort into buying a decent few pair of underwear from La Senza and I will continue to keep an eye out for those sales of the Costco three packs....Just in case.

Strange Shopping Goals. Rob and I were talking the other day and he may have mentioned that we need to update our lounging around the house clothes. As he was telling me I was shamelessly sporting a red waffle shirt with a pair of blue, plaid pajama pants. Now I justified my outfit because my pj pants that match the red top were ripped.. Normally I would never wear something that completely didn't match. He said we should shop for nicer looking lazy clothes so that we could throw out the ugly stuff. I don't know.. His lounging clothes aren't all that bad. I have a feeling he didn't really think he was the problem. I told Rob that what I really wanted, was a pair of black joggers with pockets. But the most important thing was that the joggers had to have pockets. If they didn't, it was a total deal breaker. Sweat pants with pockets. That's what my clothes shopping priorities have turned into.

(Insert a picture of a black pair of sweat pants that have visible pockets here.) 
I took way too long trying to find a picture of sweat pants... Just use your imagination.
Solution: Consider it done. Wearing my black joggers WITH pockets, as I type these very words. Nailed it!
Varicose Veins. I was at the mall and thought I'd sneak a look at some sexy bedtime wear. So I found a couple of nice ideas and took them to the change room. The moment I dropped my pants, I gasped. I don't know if it was the unflattering lighting, or the three way mirror but I was horrified to see that my one leg was completely overtaken by my unsightly varicose veins. To my already established horror, I discovered that a long, thick, corded vein has invaded my other leg, the good leg I used to call it. So sad. I didn't even finish trying on the outfits. I abandoned my shopping and left the store deflated. What a total bummer. I never want to wear shorts, skirts, bathing suits or short dresses ever again.

 Solution: This issue is the one that makes me the most nervous. I have to go to my doctor and get a referral to a specialist and have them collapsed. Once I've collapsed them perhaps it's compression stockings for me! (Another reason I'm getting old, to add to the list!)

Tired, even for me. I am one of those anomalies. I can stay up really late, get up really early, feel tired but never complain. I almost always get away with little sleep and I never usually have a problem with it. I don't know if it's because Alina gets up so early every morning, or the fact that I stay up late reading, but lately I have been feeling pretty tuckered. I used to be able to stay up quite late, going out and having a good time then get up four hours later and work for eight, without much of a problem. The very thought of doing that is enough to make me want to take a nap.

  Solution: I think my solution to being tired is to let in every once in awhile and make sure it's with someone worth napping with...

Sometimes it's okay to order off the senior's's cheaper because there's less food! 

Complaining about Justin Bieber and the nonsense he keeps coming out with is fine because his songs are actually terrible to young ears too, right?

I don't know why the air is so cold during a movie at the theater, I think next time I should just bring a small blanket in my purse to avoid the shivers... 

It's okay that I looked EVERYWHERE for our coupon book this morning so I could save $4 on the second breakfast item at ABC Restaurant... 

Ahh crap... I'm old.  



Areeba said...

MY BIG CANADIAN SISTER!! Please, you don't even look 30. And yes, Justin is vvv terrible, to everyone. Though I liked him when I was 13, maybe? But we all make mistakes in music :D

Noor Unnahar said...

Getting old is overwhelming at some points. My two aunts & uncle had had their babies last months and I shudder at the fear of being 18 YEARS OLDER THAN ALL OF THEM. Phew! Time is a really funny thing.
PS: 98% teenagers despise Bieber.

Amanda said...

Yeeeaaarrrsss ago, when my mom was really young - like early 30s, she had that done to her veins. She developed varicose veins in her 20s and was so self-conscious about them. Apparently, they are a genetic thing so I'm doomed. xx

stephanies space said...

Hey! Noor, was right! She wanted me to read your blog, because I didn't feel my life was interesting enough to blog about. Guess I just needed a little inspiration! Thank you!