Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Dream Team

  I have been wanting to write a post about the beloved Blue Jays but didn't know how to go about it. I loved playing baseball as a kid and I still get the itch to play every spring. We played on a slo-pitch team for three years and then the team sort of fell apart and we had Alina and that was the end of that.


 In 1993, the last time the Blue Jays won the World Series I was eight. I remember playing Legos and my parents were jumping up and down whooping and hollering and I just joined the party. I had no idea why everyone was freaking out but it was fun. The series us Canadians just finished watching was so intense, so fun.

 I believe that if you're a baseball fan in Canada, you are also likely a Jays' fan. Canada has one team and it is the Toronto Blue Jays. This summer Rob and I watched the Blue Jays play the Mariners in Seattle. July 26th was their last game and it was their second loss out of a three game series. On July 28th big changes occurred within the franchise. The Blue Jays acquired Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins from the Colorado Rockies for Toronto's Jose Reyes and three other minor league pitchers. Days later on July 30th, another trade was made for the Detroit Tigers' pitcher, David Price. Another few minor league prospects were sacrificed. On July 31st, the last day of the trade deadline the Blue Jays made another gutsy trade with the Philadelphia Phillies' outfielder, Ben Reveres. This basically decimated the team's minor league system. It was quite the trio of deals that had Rob's twitter feed buzzing. Soon after the trades they had an eleven game winning streak and deemed themselves a force to be reckoned with.

 The sports world is vibrating with talk of this Blue Jays team. The batting line up is something to be feared if you're the opposing team and celebrated time and time again if you're a fan. I know a lot of my readers aren't necessarily baseball fans but believe me when I say; we have a killer team. From the all star outfielders, infielders, pitchers and batters.. It's a true dream team to cheer for.

 Today, was the fifth game in the American League Division series against the Texas Rangers. Game 1 and 2 were in Toronto and the Jays lost both games. Rob was sure that it was all over. All of that time watching these boys win again and again and then... this. Two back to back losses. Games 3 and 4 were in Texas and the Jays came back giving the fans that glimmer of hope. Today, the game was at 1:00 and of course I was working. I streamed the game while I 'worked' and that's when the game got intense. From Pillar's all star dive in center field to Texas' stolen third run to the three major back to back errors made by the Rangers. Once the bases were loaded with none out hope really started to flutter in our hearts. One out and two runners and Joey Bats was up to save the frickin' day. Crack goes the bat and we had ourselves a 6-3 lead in the 7th inning. Roberto Osuna, the youngest pitcher at 20 closes the game with ease and grace. The sports world is talking non stop about this game and to be fair, it's 9 pm and Rob and I are still watching replays on Sportsnet.

The Toronto Blue Jays are scheduled to play the Kansas City Royals on Friday for the Championship series. The winner of this series battle for the Commissioner's Trophy in the 2015 World Series.

 The baseball Gods were surely shining down on our Jays today and we can only hope for more love from the big guys.



Amanda said...

Sam is a massive Jays fan (lots of his family are in Toronto) and he stayed up late streaming it in England! x

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Brian is a huge Blue Jays fan and he has also played baseball his whole life but never really watches it...until now! Haha! He is totally hooked and I can't blame him! What an exciting time to be a Jays fan. I hope they go all the way, they absolutely deserve to! Bautista's home run was amazing!!!

Jade Wright said...

One day when I finally make it to Canada I'm going to be so excited o experience all the sports and things there that make it what it is - stunning and amazing to have such passionate people living there too :D
Hope you, Alina and Rob are all well babe xxx