Friday, February 09, 2018

Building On That Sister'ship

It will be two years in April since I last saw my best buddy, my big sis Kyli. Now for normal sister relationship that sounds fine. But our sister'ship is much stronger, much more intense than any average sister-sister relationship. I recently asked Kyli if we were kind of sick because we love each other so much. She said we must have been soul mates in a past life. She's probably right if such a thing exists.

 The last time we reunited Kyli came to me all by herself! So she got one on one Alina/Kyli time which was incredibly special. Plus I took off the entire week she was here and we just enjoyed the hell out of each other. I was still blogging back then - so the lead up to her visit can be read HERE.

 For Christmas this year my sneaky, AMAZING husband got me a plane ticket to Nova Scotia to see my sister and her entire family ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It was THE best present I have ever received by far.  To prove that it is by far THE best present I have ever received I have a list of valid reasons;

 Let's go back to the time when I saw Ky's entire crew.  It was waaay back in August of 2013 and that visit can be read about HERE. It was also the first time ever that I met my niece Sophie Shea who has my middle name. So basically my little namesake has only met her super cool, fun and best friend to her mom once. (Insert unsatisfied/unimpressed emoji face here.) She was only a year and five months old. I haven't seen her since and she is five turning six next month! It is time! Quinn, my nephew was born in Victoria and we had a strong bond with him from day one. He was our first baby. Rob and I slept at Ky and Joe's place the night they had him and I remember driving home all the next day and for days to follow we would say, "Remember Quinn!!?" Then we would both smile and say, yeah.. So it is time to see that grown up Mr as well!

Our girls

Us with Quinn

 Ummm.. I've NEVER been to the East Coast. I've always wanted to go for obvious reasons. (It's beautiful! It's on the other side of the country- so that's cool!! Halifax has a crazy good music scene AND the people are fantastic! To name a few...) Plus this will be my first big girl trip all on my lonesome. (With the exception of Master Rudi, my plane and trip companion. What can I say? He needs me!)

 The people! Kyli and Joe lived in Victoria originally. They moved to Joe's old stomping grounds in July of 2010. Joe's entire family lives there. I was lucky enough to have met most of his relatives when Kyli and Joe were married in our town in 2008. We hosted their engagement party and our house was like the central hub for their friends and family to meet up at. It was a total blast and I can't wait to reconnect with Joe's people after nearly ten years!

Ky and Joe's wedding

 Joe and the kids! I've known Joe since I was sixteen years old. He was living in Jasper and we lived in Hinton. Joe and Kyli met and shortly after they moved to Victoria. Joe and I have always had this little sis- big brother teasing kind of relationship. I did things to annoy him and he would make fun of me. It was our schtick, our act, our thing. But I'm not sixteen or in my early twenties anymore. I look forward to talking with him again, from an adult level. The kids! My niece and nephew. I get to see one of Quinn's hockey games while I'm visiting. I hear he's really, really good. I also get to see one of Sophie's dance classes which is also very exciting. I live for that kind of family stuff! I want to rekindle or recreate a better relationship with those kids. I'm a sucky auntie because of the distance but I can do better. Once I get a bond with those two I'm holding onto it and I'm never letting it go again. Ky and I did that the last time she was here. We both vowed to be relevant in the other's life. So I text her before I go to bed every week night and she returns that text every morning. It's a great way to stay connected in busy lives with a four hour time difference!

Joe abuse

The kids

 Kyli- duh!! She is taking the entire time off for me. She has an itinerary of fun things for us to do while I'm there. I get to be a tourist, a foody at all the great food places. I get to meet friends I have yet to meet but know are awesome. (Cough, cough, Jennifer!) I get to see friends I met here that moved back there. (Cough, cough Lisa!) Kyli has a good ol' East Coast Kitchen Party planned for me with Joe and his dad's band performing. (Check them out on Facebook HERE.) It's going to be a big East Coast sing song and I can hardly wait. I am beyond excited for this entire trip. It is going to be... something to be remembered.


Kyli Stewart said...

Oh my gawd!! I know I've said this in every text since Christmas, but I am so EXCITED!! I cannot WAIT to see you in less than a week and show you off to all my near and dear East Coaster's. My lovely, sweet soul mate...we shall soon meet again. xoxo

Kyli Stewart said...

I'm an arse and meant to thank you for this beautiful post. Again, we are all over the moon excited to see you again and to meet our little Rudi. Love you sneestor!

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Yay this is SO exciting Haley! I hope you love the east coast as much as I do - I know your sister will be so happy to have you and even the east coast party sounds like such a blast!!! ENJOY!!! :)