Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Introducing- Alina's Corner

 Alina has been the star of my blog for several years now. I thought it would only be appropriate for her to have her own featured post called; Alina's Corner. I found this questionnaire through Facebook. I made a mental note to try the questions out on Alina to see how she would answer. There isn't filter on these answers. So what I write is exactly what she said. (Her answers are in bold and I have comments in italics afterward.)

Set the Scene: Alina, Rudi and I were sitting in the Acura waiting for Rob to come out of the hardware store in December. On most occasions we wait in the car for him because it is such a hassle bringing us all along for such a seemingly simple chore. Most questions were asked in the car and the last few were asked in a nearby bathroom. Kids!

1/  What is something I always say?
A:  No you can't. Alina can you stop doing that.

Hey- at least I'm direct and somewhat polite...

2/  What makes you happy?
A:  This is a secret... I like Rudi and I like when he smiles really nice. And I like when you buy me toys. 

Oh that's my girl! Right when you think she's the sweetest little thing, you drop your guard and BOOM- she reminds me that she's a greedy, little turd!

3/  What makes you sad?
A:  When you give me a time out. Really sad. And when I hurt myself. Or if one of my friends dies or Nonna and Papa have to get out of town. 

 I hope the order in which she answered isn't the order of what makes her the most sad...

4/  How do I make you laugh?
A:  When you say funny words. 

 I always go for 'monkey butt' to make her smile when she's getting her picture taken. She just informed me recently that 'banana pants' is the funniest. Hmm.. monkey butt vs. banana pants. I think it's obvious which is more hilarious. 

5/  What was I like as a child?
A:  Probably sad when Baba took away all of your toys. 

 Oh this story is forever going to haunt my mother. Once upon a time there was a little girl that didn't clean her room properly. Her mother threatened that if she didn't clean it good enough one day she would come home to a room without toys. Well one day that little girl came home to just that. That's right. My mom threw all of my toys away and I was horrified.  I forever shame my mom by sharing that story and scare Alina with it. I say- time out isn't so bad when you consider I lost all of my toys.

6/  How old am I?
A:  I have no idea. 43?

 That's okay. This is the same person that says she has so much money, "five-eleventy-seventy dollars." 

7/ How tall am I?
A:  I don't know. How you say... 45?

 Again, numbers. 

8/  What is your favourite thing to do?
A:  Have fun. 

 This is clearly the point in which sh begins to lose interest in my little question game. 

9/  What do I do when you're not around?
A:  Have fun and make wreaths. 

 There was a point back in December when I was getting out of the house as much as I could. I signed up for a sign making class, a wreath making class. I even made up a night called, Hot Tub Tuesdays and invited my girlfriends over to hot tub with me after the kids went to bed. All of these things made Alina quite jealous and a little resentful of my time away. (Even though every other waking moment was spent with her, serving her, loving her, paying all of my attention to her.) 

10/  What am I really good at?
A:  Painting and making wreaths. 

  Well at least she didn't say having fun for the third time!

11/  What's something I'm not good at?
A:  You're pretty much good at everything. Except what daddy does like fixing lights and putting up Christmas trees. 

 Hmm.. her dad pretty much does everything so technically she's saying I'm not good at anything...

12/  What do I do for work?
A: You sell cookies and medicine.

 Well I sell medicine but the cookies are there to lure people into the pharmacy...

13/  What is my favourite food?
A:  Chai lattes are your favourite drink. Is it cheese and potatoes?

  I think what she really meant was cheese and wine. I believe the cheese and potatoes were chosen because she hates potatoes and really only likes cheese sticks. Such a funny child! I may have tried to convince her on a few occasions that she's really missing out. Hence those being my apparent fav foods.

 Alina is constantly saying crazy things. Or she has very interesting ideas. She currently aspires to be a hair cutter and a mom or a grocery girl and a mom. Either way, the girl is convinced she's going to be a mom! She loves her little brother almost too much. I have to peel her off of him, she smothers him with wet kisses and loves 'booping' his nose. The kid sure has turned into someone I'm pretty fond of- imagine that! We have our moments where we're arguing over something and I have to remind myself that she's four and I don't have to argue my point. She's good at trying to strike deals or find ways to compromise and it's a little scary coming from such a young kid. I imagine I'll have to be strong for her teenage years... 



Kyli Stewart said...

Lol!! Oh man she cracks me up. "Cheese and potatoes"!? LOL!

Megan Campbell said...

HI! Long time So happy to have you back and I can't believe how big Alina is now and all of the crazy and cute things that come out of her mouth!