Monday, April 25, 2005

Write On With It...

Writing is my passion. I love getting my thoughts down on paper, it has helped me get through a lot of issues in my life. Nine years ago I bought a notebook and decided that day that I was going to faithfully write a page everyday about how my day was, or how I was feeling, etc. I haven't stopped with my journal. I miss a day, but I go back and write what happened that very day. I have 15 notebooks full of my feelings and thoughts since I was in grade four. I haven't really looked back on too many of those endless pages...but I will one day. Memories will just flow through me with each page I read.
I am looking forward to one day writing a book. I have experienced many things in my life and I have very interesting material to contribute to the hopeful masterpiece. Since I was a little girl I have always proclaimed that I was going to be a famous author when I grew up. To this day, I still want to be a successful writer. I have all of the faith in myself but it's just getting to it. I write down all kinds of little filler ideas that don't have a lot to do with the story line itself. But I haven't quite figured out who I want to be the main character, what might happen, etc. One day it will come to me just not yet I guess. But when it does, I hope to be successful and have created a brilliant novel that will intrigue and excite my readers. Until then... I am going to keep up this roller coaster ride of a life and continue on getting great material for my future book.