Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Easy Pleaser

I think that I am relatively easy to please. Today for instance, I have to tidy up my house because my mom is returning either today or tomorrow sometime. She's not being specific of course, so I have to clean today. But all I wanted to do was sit with a fluffy pillow on my lap and an afgahn blanket surrounding me with a novel that was requested for me to read by a dear friend. Reading, how I love it. I feel like I really can escape in a good fictional novel. I become the characters, and like I have recently discussed with my friend that shares the same passion for reading, we find that we are still thinking about the characters and their situations when we're away from the book. Now that is a good story!

Today there was a possibility that Paul might have the second half of his day off. But instead of hoping for him to not have to work, I hoped that he would so that I could read some of my book. It sounds awful, but it really isn't. Only a reader would understand what I mean. I sat in the living room, my not one, or two..but three dogs laying around me as I read on. The book I am currently reading seems to just be really getting interesting. But it's at the transitional phase of too much detail and I was beginning to lose patience and drift off to sleep. But then again, sleeping, more like napping on the couch is another one of my favourite things to do. The day isn't waiting for me. The sun is hiding behind clouds and I am sure I won't be seeing until tomorrow morning when I am too tired to really care. So I found that I slept for a good hour or so. It was so pleasant; a great way to spend the afternoon.

When I am reading a novel, I constantly am thinking of the author typing the very word that I am reading. My mind runs away with me and I image him cursing and deleting things that wouldn't fit as well. I imagine him putting in some of the lines and being insecure, wondering if his readers will identify with it or think he is a fool for writing such a mess. I wish so that I could have that very skill of detail that this author has, or the ability to make a character so real that you can actually see him.

I hope that one day I will have a few masterpieces out written with my blood and sweat. I hope that there is a reader much like myself imaging how I wrote the book. How I felt when I wrote this line, or how I came up with that line. I hope that I am successful like all the others I so fondly read. I hope that I make people want to be alone, so that they are finally with my book at last, to find out what happens next. I just want to write and I hope that I can follow my dream and not be discouraged, draft after draft. This is what I feel I need to do...what I am here to do. Write on...