Sunday, July 17, 2005

Birthday Bash

July 16, 1985 I was born into this world. I am two decades old. Wow..that makes me sound pretty decrepit. I woke early and like every other morning, I went straight to my bathroom connected to my bedroom to have a pee. I hear my mom's voice from outside of my window saying "Happy Birthday.. your presents on the table." Well I had only planned to have a quick piddle and get right back to sleeping. But I couldn't resist. So I woke much earlier than I had planned.

I had a hair appointment at 2:00 that I was nearly late for. I had been so busy on my "shopping spree" from Paul at our local skate shop. It had been fun going into the store knowing that I could have whatever I wanted. I did get frustrated because of course, I didn't find things that I fell in love with right away. It always seems to work that way. I wouldn't recommend getting a hair cut and dye on the big day. Most of my time was spent in the hair salon reading gossip mags about celebs. (Not that it wasn't interesting knowing how many pounds Kirstie Ally lost or how Angelina's a whore for stealing Brad from Jennifer.)

My dad and step mom arrived to town before my hair cut was finished but luckily they are more patient than some parents I know. My dad took us out for dinner and it was very nice knowing that they drove 2 and a half hours just to see me. Once dinner was finished, and the visit with my parents came to an end, the drinking began.

Oddly enough my friend and boyfriend ended up drinking a hell of a lot more than me and I ended up taking care of him instead of him taking care of the drunken birthday girl. It was also my other buddie's birthday as well. So we are lucky enough to have this chance to spend our birthdays together. We looked nice and had our birthday attire on. I styled a home made pin that said, "I'm 20 today" and a five year old home made birthday crown so that everyone knew that I was special. My buddy wore an "I'm 19 today" necklace and a cute little blue dress. I was impressed with her birthday glow she wore very well.

The night was filled with the drunken, slurred "Happy Birthdays" and "I like your hair." I was pleased. My other friend that I basically spent a solid four years hanging out together during our childhood came out as well. It really meant a lot to me considering she never goes out and she and I haven't really been as close for these last few years. It made my heart smile knowing that she was there with me. The night I will admit was full of disappointment though. I won't get into details but she was the one thing that didn't disappoint me. She did quite the opposite of that.

I mentioned that the night was a bit disappointing because... well lets just say that I ended my night, helping the cab driver rid the windows of Paul's puke. He sat on the front lawn crying, because we wouldn't let him help. It sounds pathetic, because it is. Haha, he was very intoxicated and I am not holding it against him today. Alcohol brings out the worst in everyone. I guess for some reason, it didn't bring out my evil being that's in there somewhere. I had great self control even when things made me angry; I didn't lash out or let people know that I was in fact quite pissed. Interesting and hopefully something I can keep up in the future nights of drinking to come...

Happy Birthday to me and goodbye to partying in Hinton for a long, long time..

Or shall I say... Good Riddance.


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