Monday, January 16, 2006

The Downlow

Here I am. I promise I am still around, just not around the computer as much as I used to be! I swear I come back every once in awhile and try to catch up on my stuff and my fellow bloggers and most importantly spending time with mom. I am running out of time with her before I have to head off again..

This blog is just a reminder to everyone that I am still around! I am here and I plan soon on purchasing a digital camera so that I can keep my blog updated with pictures of how my life is going.

A year ago on... the 28th is the day that we took Rudi to the hospital .. not knowing that we would never bring him home again.. It's going to be a very tough month for us, but again.. I know we can do it.

I plan on writing all of my thoughts and feelings down in a notebook and when I decide to have a visit with mom, I'm going to type out my feelings on my blog to share and help make me feel better.

Writing always helps me. So I hope to catch up with everyone later and there are pictures below this blog to update you guys on life with me!

And Holls, I changed my profile pic.. I'm a big girl now. Hehe


Anonymous said...

Glad to know all is well with you Haley. I miss reading your updates. I love the pics below!

Suz said...

Good to see you posting. I missed you around here. Dont be a stranger.

Love your new profile pic.

Hugs Suz

TRUTHZ said...

Be strong, this too shall past...nice pics, you look so happy. enjoy life and living

holli said...

Big hugs to my friend. I still don't have my computer up and running, but I had to check in on you. I'm glad I did.

I'll email you when I'm not supposed to be unpacking!


p.s. - I love the pic!!!

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