Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Eye

Today is my mom's b'day. 49 years old. She is having a tough day for obvious reasons. And today marks the beginning of Rudi's sickness a year ago. It's a hard time because well.. it's like we're in the eye of a hurricane and we know it's going to be a whole lot harder very shortly. So it's kind of like a waiting game. I took the day off of work to spend time with her so that she could do whatever at the house and just hear me . She says that because she is home alone all of the time it is just nice to hear me in the house. Sounds sad, but it's the way it is now. Rob, his sister Erin and I are taking her out for an early dinner tonight. So I hope that I could make her day a little bit better considering the circumstances.

So having a blog means that I get to talk about I will.. I am doing okay I guess. But it's the little things that trigger my sadness out of nowhere. I was in Nanaimo yesterday and the air smelt of bbq. I said to Erin..."oh don't you remember when you were little and you could smell the bbq and you'd get chips instead of a vegetable and some potato salad.. Ohhh I wish I could have a bbq with my parents again like when I was little.... " Then I thought about it...and I don't have parents to do that with anymore. I have my mom of course..but parents...doesn't even exist anymore. It was just a harsh reality. It's all sort of hitting me now. But I hold back a little bit before I get really upset. I get upset by myself.. well with Rob rather on our own time. I don't like to get upset other than that.

So Rob's sister Erin is living with us. I never questioned it for a second. She's great. I love her and she is just a ray of sunshine in that house. She's very sweet and I can tell we're going to get along just fine. She's not demanding, or a girly girl or any kind of work at all. You know when someone visits or is staying with you and they take up all of your time..well this girl is not like that. She is awesome. I couldn't be happier with my new roommate. And yes, that confirms it.. I am living with Rob now. I have not officially moved in with all of my things but my room is looking more and more bare as the weeks progress.

This is why I am not online as much and why I am not keeping up with my blog. I admit I truly do miss it too. But I am still writing in my journal so my thoughts are being documented...which is therapy for me. But I will be getting this computer as my own soon.. But I don't want to take it from mom just yet.

I have caught up on just about everyone out there bloggin'..and you all seem to be growing now more than ever. New jobs, new homes, your daughter is growing into a beautiful young woman, or growing out of old habits (binks).... saying good bye to people they've known all of their lives...or family members having to mend their broken hearts.. There are just so many emotions floating around blog land. Glad to be apart of it.


Anonymous said...

It is so good to read your updates. I miss you!

Sounds like you and Rob are doing well!

Pieces said...

Hey girl!! I dont know where I have been but I have missed a few posts...I love those holiday pics...some cuties!! Anyways here is my new site..TTYL

Cassy said...

I'm sorry that this is a difficult time for you and your mom. ((hugs))

Tell her happy birthday for us!!

Suz said...

Happy Birthday To Your Mom! Tell her she is missed on her blog.

Big Hugs to you and her during this tough anniversary.

Congrats on you and Rob living together. So glad that you are both doing so well with the relationship.

Good To See You Post!

Hugs Suz

holli said...

I'm glad things are going to great with Rob. I know you'll update your blog when you can - I just like checking in on you and seeing that you're so happy. :)

Happy birthday to your mom, and here's to things getting better for her.. day by day.

hugs from your friend.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of Rudi. Eye of the hurricane, indeed. (You nailed it there, kiddo.) I can't wait to see you next weekend. I'll bring the wine!
Love ky

Anonymous said...

Yeeeaahhh, I meant to hit "other", not "anonymous"....not too great at this comment thing..haha

Anonymous said...

yup, and it sure happened again...ummm, I gotta go..yeah...bye.

Chubby Chocolate said...

That was a good post.

It's hard when you remember such milestones. Just brings you down. But congrats on (unofficially!) moving in with your honey punch. I think every woman should do that before they get married to any man! You'll find out a lot about yourself and him in the process. Good luck & best wishes, Haley.

Anonymous said...

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