Friday, June 01, 2007

Wow, so much to say... and so much to show..

But as for now.. I am sitting in my living room, on my couch typing away on my BRAND NEW laptop. How did I get a laptop out of extra money in the present, past or future...

Rob's friend Dan is visiting this weekend. These two get together and jam their asses off. Rob taught Dan how to play guitar back in the day. So when they get together they live to play. Rob went to pick Dan up from the ferry this afternoon and I was just sitting at home, hot and bored. The weather has been phenomenal for the last few days. I love getting off of work early, but if I don't go to the gym before work these days, I find that I won't end up getting my ass there in this intense heat. So the boys get here after five.

Rob asks me to help him take his tools to the backyard. I'm sitting in the living room a little a new summer dress. I think that he should've asked Dan for help. But I shrug it off and follow him outside. He asks me to bring a flatter box I've never seen before into the house. At first I thought it was an X Box. I discovered Guitar Hero the other weekend and fell in love with it. So I thought Bob bought us one. But I was sincerly mistaken. It was THE gift I have been waiting for for Years!

I saw the little diagram of a laptop on the box. Even Dan said, "You knew what it's like you were acting you didn't know what it was.."

That's the truth. I had a feeling, once I saw the picture on the side of the box. But I just couldn't accept that I finally got one!

Writing is my passion, something I've always wanted to do. Now that I can just sit in bed and write whenever, where ever I feel like... I have no limits and most importantly NO excuse to not write. I was born to write...and here is my real, big chance.

When I opened the box I was in utter shock. Rob was so excited about it. He said that it was supposed to be a gift for my birthday but now it wouldn't be. He wanted my birthday present to be a surprise and knew it wouldn't be if it was the lap top I was hoping for.

I can write .... And I've never been so excited about writing like this in my entire life!!

Write on- and believe me, I will..

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hollibobolli said...

AWWWWWWWWW!!! I'm so excited for you - yay!!! What a perfect gift from your perfect man. That is so sweet - and I'm all for whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.