Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Write Me A Story Little Girl

As a kid I used to always play business.. Which included mom and Rudi's junk mail... an outdated daily planner from Rudi's work and lots of "Weldwood Pulp Mill" paper. Kyli used to play too which always made it more interesting. Her pretending was so grown up and believable to me. She was a whole whopping five and a half years older than me... So everything she did in my eyes was better.

Today I got home from work. The house was all clean and supper was made and cleaned up. So I was in pretty good spirits. I got to hold my favourite baby Judah after work today. Annette came in and I held him while she ordered some coffees and put them in the vehicle. He's an absolute doll. I feel like after I held him, I had my baby fix for the week. He just relaxed me so much. Rob was in the computer room making cd's. So I pulled my new laptop out of my new laptop case Rob bought for me! I hooked everything up at the kitchen table and I got a drink and my glasses and set those beside me. I felt like that little girl about to play business again! I told Rob, "you honestly made my dreams come true just by buying this for me!" It's true. There's so much potential that lies in this computer. It's that extra oomph to get me writing. It's the subtle voice of my subconscious whispering ideas into my thoughts. I love it. I just have to get on writing something, rather than in my blog. Every time I get that itch to write I write a blog. There's nothing wrong with it- but I really would like to get started on something, anything really.
So instead of being that 21 year old pretending to be a writer, I can actually do the real thing. And get on it!

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