Monday, October 27, 2014

An Interview- With A Toddler

 Sooo.. it may have been noticed that I haven't been posting on Fridays for my MHB updates. That is because...
 I haven't been working out. Gasp! I know... However, I have been having a very hard time waking up in the mornings to study because I've been so tired. I've decided until November, I will stop with the working out. Once I take my final exam for pharmacology, I will start up with working out again. This school thing is pretty serious stuff and I have to make sure that I'm all there in order to do it. Working out has to take the back seat for a bit. Although, it is sad because my one year anniversary is coming up in November. I didn't quite make it, which kills me. I would have been consistently working out for one full year. I was so damn close!!

 On to more important things like.. my ever changing baby girl! Alina is growing like crazy. She now counts, with prompting and repeats just about any word you ask her to. (IF she's in the mood.) She gets into everything, but not in a bad way. We can usually tell her to put something back and she will OR she'll run away and make you chase her. I think that's more of a game rather than just being a little shit. She has laid off on the whole, "noooooooo" thing which I'm relieved about. I was really getting sick and tired of hearing her answer "noooo" to everything.

 Alina has really stepped up her dancing game. We will have little dance parties in the living room from time to time. It's funny to see what music gets her head bobbing. She'll always get into the techno beats or some rave music. But then she'll surprise me and really groove to some old country. The kid likes her some beats and it doesn't matter which genre. (Which I really like about her.) She's a blast in the bath tub. She sings and counts and tries to recite the alphabet into her sand bucket. (A real genius in the making... I know!)

  If Alina could write.. she would make a list of her favourites and it would go a little something like this:

 Her favourite food:  Everything. Unless my mom is trying to get me to try something at dinner and then I will usually refuse. Take me out of my high chair and put me on the floor and suddenly all I want in the entire world is that food my mom wanted me to try because it's on her dinner plate. Muffins, CANDY from dad, raspberries, crackers and Oreo cookies (thanks to my Papa.) I'm also obsessed with juice. It's basically magic. I had my 18 month old needles last week and it hurt until mom and dad gave me some apple juice and miraculously I forgot aaaall about it.

 Her favourite t.v. show:  Obviously Sesame Street. It's the one show that mom lets me watch consistently since I was a baby. Although on Saturdays we've been watching some really interesting animation movies like "Monsters Vs. Aliens" and "Frozen".. I think my mom enjoys them more than I do...

 Her favourite activities:  I have a crazy shoe fetish as well as this new strange thing about clothes in hampers. It doesn't matter if they're clean or dirty, I just like to get in there and wrap the garments around my neck and walk around like I look pretty amazing. Sometimes I'll just drape something right over my head and walk around, bumping into walls. I don't care, it's fun.

Okay, well this is a basket.. but you get the idea...
  What's been getting her into trouble:  Listening. I grab whatever I want and then I either run away so that my parents chase me or I give it to them right away. It depends on my mood. They're starting to get mad at me when I grab certain things like, beer bottles with beer in it, or the other day Papa was eating pizza and I grabbed his sharp knife. He really yelled out and I don't get why, but apparently I shouldn't touch those things..... in front of them. Oh and the fire place- they are super uptight about me going near it, and they really lose it when I try to sit on the edge. I love sitting on ledges, don't they know that!?

This is Alina's sad face when she gets into trouble..
 We've been having a really great time with our little person these days. She keeps us very, very, very busy and extremely happy.


Amanda said...

Alina is just this tiny ball of supreme cuteness!

Noor Unnahar said...

Aw she's grown up so fast. Like yesterday I was seeing her as a 6 month oldie. I love her blue eyes .

Megan Campbell said...

OMG how is she that big?! She looks like a miniature person now! I think that means she's old enough to be a big sister... ;)
Love your little family photos. Seriously they are so cute!

Jade Wright said...

Tee hee gosh I laughed so hard at this post - what a wonderful idea. That photo of her sucking on a straw after her needles is too cute - what a gorgeous hat!!

Hahaha what a little character, loved reading this post Haley. xxx

Jade Wright said...

Tee hee gosh I laughed so hard at this post - what a wonderful idea. That photo of her sucking on a straw after her needles is too cute - what a gorgeous hat!!

Hahaha what a little character, loved reading this post Haley. xxx