Monday, October 13, 2014

Excuse Me, You Have My Name

 If there's one thing that bloggers like to do (at least I think)- it's answering questions. I have an interesting question to ask...

 What famous person shares your name and you're totally okay, maybe even proud of it? For me, Haley isn't a suuuuper popular name so it's kind of fun for me to find anybody famous with the same name.  In a post about how I got my name I mentioned that Hayley Mills is one reason why I am known today as Haley. But I'm not super proud that I was named after her.

 One kick ass chick that has an insanely great voice, in a pretty fun band shares my name and I am totally okay with it...!

 Hayley Williams from the band Paramore. She is one cool chick. She is funky and a little crazy and totally her own self. I admire that she seems to know exactly who she is. I guess it's bold of me to assume that. A lot of people hide behind their images. But I watched some interviews of her and she seems to be the center of attention in her band and she is totally okay with it. She is also somewhat modest for how talented and beautiful she is.

 If there is one thing I want Alina to have it is confidence. Rob made a good point the other day. He said he would rather that Alina was overly confident rather than not confident at all. That was hard for me to decide on, but I agree. I really don't like people that are overly confident but being a complete door mat is not an option for Alina either. This Hayley seems pretty damn confident too. She blasts her lyrics with so much fervor, it's contagious. I listen to her songs and I'm tapping my foot to the beat and singing along with just as much energy and verve. (Wellllll, maybe not as much, but the point's been made.)

  So yeah, I'm completely okay with sharing my name with Hayley. Technically it was my name first because she's a little bit younger than me. But she's doing our name proud, so it's cool.

Who do YOU share a name with and you're completely okay with it..??
OR- who shares your name and you hate it because they're just shaming it all over the place?


Jade Wright said...

I never knew the chick from Paramore was called Haley! She is stunning - all my guy mates drool over her when Paramore comes on music videos. That's a pretty freaking awesome person to share a name with indeed.

Hmm.... I don't really know many people with the name Jade. Besides Jade Jagger and I really only think thats epic because she's Mick Jaggers daughter - so I don't even really know if that counts.

Amanda said...

I love that you have a unique name and that you share it with people you can really identify with. I wish Amanda was more unique! x

Brianna said...

LOVE THIS! And I love Paramore - seriously. I just can't get enough! I love that her name is Haley and that you're encouraged by her confidence. Such a great lesson for Alina, and I hope that she's just as confident as her momma!

I knew of ZERO famous 'Brianna's before this post. I googled it and found 7 that I've honestly never heard of...ever. So, I like that I have a pretty unique name! :)