Friday, April 27, 2018

Alina's Corner- Belle's Fate

 I just started Alina's Corner just a little while ago. The first Alina's Corner post can be found HERE
Since then I've been making sure to record anything funny or cute that she's said. One of my favourite things about Alina is that she is a colourful kid. She is extremely compassionate towards children, or animals or her family and friends. She has a lot of love to give and she's not afraid to give it. She's silly, so she does or says ridiculous things that make Rob and I laugh out loud at the best and unexpected times. She's also a little sick... As in, she's a bit morbid. I'm not sure how normal this behaviour is. She likes being scared and takes an interest in death and has a lot of questions about it. But I feel like most people are a bit odd deep down.. Or maybe I just am...? She has a very articulate way of describing how she feels and I find that refreshing and intriguing. She makes me want to jot down a lot of her explanations for things. She's insightful at five and I admire that. Oh man! I'm sorry- I try to make a rule not to go on and on about my own kid because I find it to be obnoxious! I'll let her quotes speak for herself instead of me..!
- Gloating, Obnoxiously Proud Mother

Alina talking to her baby brother (usually through gritted teeth because she can't stand how cute he is!)
"I love you buddy. Even when you scratch me and pull my hair. Even when you kick me in the throat. I love you when I pour water on you in the bath and you pee like a fountain."

Well I'm glad she doesn't mind taking the abuse... for now. I'll have to teach her that that shit isn't acceptable in a relationship......... 

I asked Alina on her birthday in March how she felt about turning five:

 "Well I kind of felt like five once because when I went on my tippy toes for a second. Then when I went on my 'down' toes I felt four again." 

Ah yes, I hate being on my down toes- it always makes me feel like my actual age. I would much prefer to live life on my tippies.

Alina had her little friend Tom over to hang out this week. I could hear them discussing things in the basement. My ears perked when I heard them talking about Rob. Tom started by asking her if the scary masks he politely asked me to put away were Rob's. She said yes, that he just purchased them at a garage sale over the weekend. 
T: Rob is so weird. 
A: Yes, Rob is weird. He always throws pillows at me. He's always trying to scare people. He drags me all over the house and he throws Rudi up in the air twenty-thirty-seventy times.
T: Laughs and agrees. 

 Well I don't blame them for calling Rob weird. He IS. And he's crazy fun and I think that's why they both got giggly when he stopped by from work to grab some lunch. Tom told him that Alina said he farts a lot and Rob replied with a departing fart before returning to work.... I also love that she referred to her own dad as 'Rob'.

Another discussion between Alina and Tom happened shortly after Rob's departing fart. They were drawing pictures and Tom insisted that I draw him a heart so he could colour it. 

T: I'm not good at drawing hearts. 
A: YES you are. 
T: NO I'm NOT! (He got a little upset that she insisted he was good.)
Me: Okay Alina. If Tom doesn't think he's good at drawing hearts just leave it at that. (Me not wanting to upset the little guy.)
A: I think you're better than you think you are. (She says quietly to him.)

Um... yes! Why didn't I- THE adult think to say that?! That was a moment I was proud of.

 Alina is surrounded by lovely woman at her daycare. They not only are good at their jobs, as people that care for children but they genuinely love Alina. There's nothing better than being a full time working mom and being able to confidently and happily drop your prized possession off with people that are good for her and love her. SO! It was Valentine's Day and one of the lovelies that take care of her gave us a Valentine's gift. She's always giving such thoughtful gifts and this one had a great message. It was a book that was all about a young girl asking animals what they love about themselves. For example one says they love their legs because they get a kick out of her! Or a giraffe loves his long neck because they can reach the stars together, etc. So I asked Alina what she loves about herself. She replied she loved her brother and I said that was nice but she needed to say what she loved about herself. I didn't give her any examples because I wanted her to come up with something and I was curious to hear what she would say... 

A: I love my ... chest ... because my heart is in it. I love my heart... because my heart loves my brother and my family. 

Wow... deep. I mean, really! I was going to say- your eyes, or your smile or your pretty hair. Talk about an awesome answer. She answered slowly so when she said her chest I thought she was going to end it with - I love my chest because I'm going to have boobies one day. Of course I go there and I wonder why she can be odd.

So I decided to introduce the silly and sweet things Alina said over the last few months first. I wanted to butter up the readers before I exposed them to another side of Alina. One that maybe some parents don't want to share with the world wide web. But me, I think it's especially hilarious- so brace yourselves...

   Alina was in the bath for some time before I came in to wash her hair. She had that cup sitting on the edge of the tub, so I moved it and realized that Belle was inside floating. I gently moved it to the counter and asked Alina what was going on with Belle.

 A: Oh, the mermaids drowned her.

 Those effing mermaids. You can't trust em! Especially in Alina's little, twisted mind. I just love how it wasn't good enough to put a cover over the cup, she also put a weight on top of the cover just in case Belle got clever and found a way to push the cover off........... Proud moment? Hmmm.

  Well, that's my girl! She is full of all kinds of interesting anecdotes or recollections and opinions. It's fun to share her little quirks because I hope to publish this blog one day into books that I can keep forever. I'm sure Alina will appreciate these when she's older....


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