Friday, June 09, 2006

Hi Nono

This is Nono. Polineo Fortinato Carniato. (I wrote it how it is pronounced because I don't know the true spelling. I even looked it up on the search engines, but I couldn't figure it out. Sorry.)

Nono passed away one year ago today.

Rob really looks up to this guy. He's one reason why Rob ended up moving to B.C. Of course I like to think of it as Nono sent Rob here so that he could have a new start..

I was asked to pray for him today. What I did was more of a "Dear Nono" outloud. It went well. I was sitting out in the backyard at our plentiful garden, that we are letting grow wild.

Nono and I, we talked a bit. I didn't hear him but I felt like he was listening.

"Thank you Nono, for being apart of Rob's life in such a way that he wouldn't be who he is without having known you. I love who Rob is and for everything that he stands for. I know that you had a lot to do with that. You are a good person and it is the ones like you that go before us.. and it hurts and effects us so much that you are never forgotten. You will live on in those lives you touched. Therefore, Mr. Carniato you will live on forever."

Thank you for touching my life with the people you loved with all of your heart.


holli said...

This was so sweet, Haley. It almost made me start crying in a hellhole I can't cry in. Maybe you should send Nono my way!!

I love that you think of Nono as sending Rob into your life.. if Rob is happy - I bet Nono is happy too.

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