Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer time..when the livins' easy..

I have come to realize that I am enjoying my early mornings a lot more than I've ever before. I feel like I have too much to do in one day off that I actually need to get up at 8:00 so that I have a full day.

Yesterday was my favourite day in a long time. First, it was Rob and Haley's Sunday together which is always better than any day in Haley and Rob's Work Your Ass Off Week. We got up early and layed in bed just talking for a bit. I love those kinds of mornings where you've been up for an hour but you're still in bed chatting with each other. We got up and went to where I work for our cheap breakfast, and sat out on the patio in the already hot sun. We were trying to decide where we would go swimming when I figured out that we were already like all the locals around here. No one likes to swim in the ocean. Everyone's busy looking for pools, lakes...anything but the spectacular ocean that is Qualicum Beach.. Hence...the name of your freakin' town !!!

Our first journey to the beach was kind of like one of those..... "maybe we should scratch that one and start over.." We were bickering at one another for stupid reasons. (FYI- have my period!!!) So we left to make some sandwiches and basically to get out of the scorching sun. It is difficult to be bloated, bitchy, complaining non-stop in the heat of B.C to a person that doesn't care about any of the above and especially won't put up with non-stop complaining. Well excccccccccuse me for being grumpy! On the way home, there was a car that had the license plate.. BEHAPEE. Rob said that was for us, obviously. After that we both perked up.

Our friend James joined us at the beach for Round 2. We played botchie ball and frisbee on a sandbar in the ocean. It was just glorious out. I was chatting with regulars from work as they walked by and a lady with a dog just like my dad has. Apparently this makes me more outgoing and an expert.

Overly Happy Dog Expert Haley: "She's a beauty. Must be a pup. Yeah, she's adorable. You know those kind of dogs age well. You'll be very happy with her!"

W.T.F was I talking about??? Regardless Rob was beaming when I returned to the blanket. He thought it was a nice change from our first visit to the beach. It really was.

We hurried away from the beach by 2 so that we could visit my friend Lauren at her house to swim in her pool.

It was rated 14A, meaning her step mom and dad were there. Along with 5 year old Rudy and 1 year old Faith. These kids were so adorable. Rudy had blonde curly hair and was a complete host the entire time. We had a good time with him. He was showing us his motorized Jeep, from his baby chick Peepers. (which I thought I killed when he put it in my hands. Apparently baby chicks just pass out when they're warm. They fall right asleep instantly!!)

The day was awesome. The boys organized a little BBQ in the backyard while I made new cd's for myself. (mine were stolen, but I'm not getting into that!!!!) They set up a table in the grass with chairs and a fully set table to eat our dinner at. Sometimes men surprise me.

I had a heart to heart with Baby J. before she went to the beach. I dressed her up in all my clothes because like me she's burnt from head to toe. She needed something without straps...and a loose skirt. I am the skirt queen, so she came to the right place.

Summer is finally here. I am up so early today because I am planning on duplicating my yesterday, the best I can. I'm covered head to toe in aloe vera. I look like a shiny, glowing tomatoe..who is prepared for another HOT day by the pool in the sun.



holli said...

It sounds FABULOUS!!! I wanna come play in the sun and have fun!!

Funny - I mentioned "overly happy" in my post today!! I'm thinking you're the different kind of overly happy. :)

Chubby Chocolate said...

Hey Haley!

Just wanted to say hello and I've been spending the last three days catching up with your blog...I'm so behind.

Glad to hear you're happy.

baylor said...

I would love to have the day at the beach or by the pool! Work seems to suck my life away and I am too tired and pregnant on the weekends! Oh how I miss my carefree days of youth and college when this is what I did everyday!


Anonymous said...

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