Friday, August 29, 2014

Going So Soon?

That's it. I'm depressed! Okay maybe I'm being a touch dramatic but I am definitely sad that summer is ending. The days are getting shorter, there's a coolness to the air. I feel like I'm in denial but all of the signs are there. Fall is around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I love fall as much as the next guy. But I just can't stomach the coloured leaves, warms sweater worn with leggings and fun boots and pumpkins and worst of all; Halloween. Gasp! I love all of those things but it's too soon. Summer hasn't even left yet and we're already onto the 'next' season. Give summer a chance to properly go before we start lugging out the warm hats and scarves. Before we start searching 'fall styles' in Pinterest. Enjoy what little of summer that we have and live in the now.

 Besides, end of summer and beginning of fall means school for me. Eeeeek! I'm freaking internally and very hopeful that I can pull off this big helping of adulthood. I hope I can balance being mom, full time worker, wife and now student. But I won't know if I can handle it unless I try. It's scary but in the end, it will all have been totally worth it. I've always wanted to go back to school and now I finally am. I'm surprised it's for pharmacy because I was never super good at any of the sciences and I am most definitely a total wreck when it comes to math. But, because this is something I do everyday at work, I think it will be different. I have been reading my Pharmacology textbook and I was genuinely interested in the things I was reading. I even had a chance to talk with a customer about generic drugs and I actually knew what I was talking about!!! As a pharmacy technician you really have to watch what you say because you aren't the trained professional. The pharmacist is. It doesn't matter if you know that someone should be taking a certain antihistamine for their allergies because it is the pharmacist's job to suggest and give advice. But I find my position the most frustrating when I am just simply talking to a customer and I can't even contribute anything intelligent to say because I have no real knowledge of what we are talking about. I have to act like I understand and nod and be polite.

 My in laws are here for another few days and then they're back to Ontario to talk to their granddaughter through Facetime on our cell phones again. This trip has been a really good one for Alina. She has been with her grandparents full time and has been enjoying them so much. I know that they're totally in love and think the world of her. So it really feels good going to work knowing that she's in very, very good hands. I have also been very lucky because my mother in law cooks. I don't have to worry about packing lunches for any of us, besides myself. Rob has been coming home for lunch. It's been wonderful. I'm able to come home from work and I don't have to immediately rush into the kitchen to get supper started. I can simply grab a cold drink, sit down and visit. It's been really nice and I'm going to be rudely awoken by the reality of it all being my responsibility again come September.

 I'm always such a sap when it comes to an ending. It doesn't matter if it's the end of a really good book or the end of a trip. I just can't help but feel a bit sad. I feel sad that my in laws are leaving because the freedom that comes when they're here to share the responsibility of Alina is so appreciated. I feel sad that summer is coming to an end because we still haven't sold our house, the days are going to get darker and gloomier and the house is going to start getting cold. I'm sad because my evenings with Alina are going to be cut short because I have to really focus on school when it starts..

 On the other side of that, I am a t.v. junky and all of our shows are going to start back up in September. I'm the kind of person that likes to sit cozily in a blanket with a good book. In the new house I'll be able to do that with a real crackling fire in our fire place. To kick off the end of the summer and my in law's trip and to celebrate Rob's dad Rodney's birthday we're having a big birthday bash at our house tonight. It will be the first big get together that we're having at our new house. Lots of family and friends are coming to eat, drink and have some fun. So I can't help but look forward to that tonight.

 So in honour of the summer coming to a close, I raise my future glass of alcoholic beverage (the one most of us will be drinking out of at some point this weekend) and I say here's to another great summer under our belts.. to those gorgeous, sunny days that lead us all to the beach, to the pool or to the lake. To bbq's, warm evenings, camping and boating. Here's to you summer, you've been good to us once again. See you next year!


Tabitha Macfadyen said...

I am sad to see summer go as well. i love fall as well but summer really holds my heart. It sounds like it has been such a treat having your in-laws around. It is so nice that they have been able to come and spend some time helping you two out and bonding with Alina. I work have been working in the front of a pharmacy and now that summer is over I will be going back next. So, I kind of get the not being able to give advice and always having to send people to talk to the actual pharmacist. My sister-in-law is a pharmacy tech in the same pharmacy. She has been there for over ten years. She just took a course to re-do her certification or something. She is writing her finally tests in September. It seems like it was a crazy process. So good luck to you if you are doing the same sort of thing. ;)

Amanda said...

I'm always sad to see summer go. Which it already did in England several weeks ago. Boo! x

Jade Wright said...

tee hee loved your comment about raising your future alcoholic beverage haha - golly I am never drinking again. I swear it. Blehhhh.....

Ah sorry to hear the start of fall is coming but we had our first day of spring yesterday and it was AMAZING. so I am really stoked. BUT you gets all the pretty orangey festive colours for Halloween! How cool is that?! And now around xmas.. xmas is boiling hot in South Africa as it is right in the middle of summer. Absolutely NO holiday in festive where I am from. it's like it is literally all backwards! haha so enjoy it! xxxx

Noor Unnahar said...

I am right with you. Summer left way too early. Or maybe it was our life events that went on like this. Your school is starting , I know how it feels. My college is starting by mid of September. Life is disclosing a whole new chapter , I wish you luck Haley.