Friday, August 22, 2014

MHB- Week 33 -Company In Town

  I'm adjusting to the new house really well and I'm really loving all of the extra space to work out in. The beach being so close is a huge bonus and I'm really happy that once a week I get a chance to watch the sunrise.


 Day 1- Strength and Endurance. I finally had the Bluray up and running properly so I successfully worked out Monday morning. I'm doing three rounds instead of all five because of time and the weights I use are heavier so I don't want to wreck a wrist or overdo anything. I'm sure I'll be up to my five rounds next week. I took a photo of my new working out area in the basement. I like being in the basement because it's carpeted and I can do noisy workouts without bothering sleeping people.


 Day 2- a jog to the beach. I mean really.. who could resist this beach? I get a bit side tracked every time that I go for this jog because the ocean is just so beautiful. I ended up detouring down to the beach and stopping to snap a few breathtaking photos of the sunrise..! The only bummer about my beach jog is that the hard part is all on the way home. It's aaaaall up hill!


Day 3- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I left my phone upstairs while I did my workout. But it was the same old- warm up, three rounds and done. Alina's been having a blast with her grandparents. She went to the harbour for ice cream on Wednesday and on Thursday she went boating all day. She even had a boat nap...!

 I'm so happy it's Friday, as usual. I'm excited to get a chance to sleep in a bit in my own bed. I hope the sun is shining as bright tomorrow morning as it is today!


The Babbling Box said...

Those beach views are amazing, I think I would even run with a back drop like that and I don't run. I would most likely pass out from heat exhaustion or run into one of my students if I tried running here.

Noor Unnahar said...

The workout area in your basement seems so cozy and comfortable. I wish I had beach near my house , it's not far but I hardly go there. How fun it must be to run along stunning ocean!!

Jade Wright said...

Gosh I adore your fire place - it looks so stunning and I'm thrilled to hear you're adjusting well!

Hope you had a good weekend lady bug xx

Tabitha Macfadyen said...

Glad to hear you are getting more settled into your amazing new house. Being that close to the beach is fabulous. Love the pictures!