Friday, August 15, 2014

MHB- Week 32- I'm Back Baby!

 So I did do two days of working out two weeks ago. I even took pictures, but I didn't post about it. I meant to and life happened. So Week 31 still needs to be posted and I'll just date it to be published on the Friday I missed. Good story, I know.

 I'm back at the working out from a mini holiday I took. We moved and I couldn't move my ass out of bed all last week. I had the intentions of working out but I must have set my mind to not get up earlier once because I sure didn't. As if to deter me this week from doing my workouts, I lost my good set of workout clothes. They just disappeared. My sports bra, my workout pants and top all gone. Instead of using that as an excuse (a pretty legit excuse by the way!) I improvised with some shorts and my not so sports bra and tank with the holes in it. Oh well.


Day 1-  Fight Conditioning. It was my first workout in the new house. I started out in the basement but the damn Bluray player wouldn't turn on (yes it was plugged in) so I couldn't play Rushfit. So I had to hurry up and do my stuff upstairs which was challenging because it's a bit echo-y upstairs with the vaulted ceilings and the two stinkers still in bed. I cut the workout to three rounds because there was some ground work I didn't want to do on the hardwood floors and because I was running out of time and to be quite honest; I was tired! The tummy photos are to show that taking a little bit of time off AND eating like a total pig shows.


 Day 2- I did a jog to the beach on Wednesday in my new neighbourhood! It was pretty quick so next time I'll time it a bit better. I was surprised how quickly it took me to run to the beach. I'd say it took about five minutes. The jog up was pretty intense but oh so good for my legs and my butt!


 Day 3- I decided Thursday evening to do my workout because I took Friday morning off. Rob, Alina and I are picking up his parents from the airport for their first ever visit at our new home. We're all pretty excited about it. We ended the night in the hot tub having a couple of drinks so I knew I wouldn't feel up to getting up early in the morning to sweat. My workout was about twenty minutes long. I couldn't get the bluray player working again and Rob wasn't home so I improvised with doing a bunch of things I remembered doing from my RushFit videos. Then I cleaned not one, not two but THREE bathrooms simultaneously. Talk about the ultimate workout.

 It's Friday folks and I'm not going into work until noon. My mother in law is coming to cook her delicious meals for us and life couldn't feel any better! Happy Friday to everyone!


Jade Wright said...

Ahh lovely to hear (or read!) that you're settling into your new neighbourhood and getting back into exercise! You seriously can't tell you missed a while!! Eeek, it's the worst when your gym gear disappeatrs. How convenient :) hahaha mine disappeared mysteriously in 2013........... I really need to get my ass into gear. Damnit all.

Hot tub? Runs to the beach? Mother-in-laws cooking??
Sounds amazing.

So glad you're happy - it really shows xxx

Lisa-Jade said...

Welcome back! Hope you're enjoying the time in your new house, it must be so exciting :)

Sarah McCall said...

You were the queen of improvization this week. Especially when the blue ray player wouldn't work - I would have just given up. I sounded like Eeyore there, huh?