Monday, August 11, 2014

"That's A Good Meatball" - Robbie Hart

 I got this meatball recipe from my mother in law, Andrea. BUT- the crazy lady doesn't remember giving it to me. I couldn't believe that she didn't remember. I know it was her because I absolutely loooooooved the meatballs and ended up tweaking the recipe ever so slightly to make it my own. So, I suppose I'll have to take the credit for how good they are- starting now!

  The bonus is that we all love us some meatballs. I could seriously pop them in my mouth and eat them like popcorn. When I make a big batch of them, I usually make Curry Meatballs as a dinner that night or the following. Obviously they're good with spaghetti as well. The curry I make is pretty sad and not as good on its own but once you add the meatballs to the dinner, it's perfection.

 What you'll need:

- ~ 1 lb of extra lean ground beef
- 1/2 cup bread crumbs
- 1 egg
- 1 package of Lipton's Onion Soup Mix
- 1 can of condensed milk (the original recipe calls for 1/2 cup but I like it when all of the meatballs are sweet.)
- 1/2 cup of finely chopped onion

Mix all of those ingredients together.

Voila! You have yourself a bunch of meat mixture that needs to be rolled into small balls. I heat up two frying pans with some olive oil and fry them up in batches. It takes a bit of time and of course, the sugar in the condensed milk will burn if you have the temperature up too high. I promise you won't be disappointed with these meatballs..!!

 Is there any kind of food that you would happily take as payment?!
 My list would go on and on and on; 
Ribs, Caesar Salad, Wings, King Crab doused in garlic butter, coconut prawns, dry garlic ribs from Gus', bruschetta, spinach dip, Rudi's clam chowder, chinese food, camembert cheese, corn dogs, white cheddar popcorn, theater popcorn, jalapeno and cheddar Old Dutch chips,Nibs, Sour Patch Kids, chewy Gobstoppers...etc, etc, etc! 
So many things!!!


Amanda said...

These sound so good!

Tabitha Macfadyen said...

Looks like a great recipe! Scott would probably love these. I might even try to see if I can adapt it to a veggie meatball with veggie beef. I have never tried that before but I just might. :)

Jade Wright said...

Phwoar!!!! This looks divine, sounds divine and to top it off seems easy to make if you have cooking abilities!!! Nom nom nom!!! I am DEFINITELY trying this out.


Hope you're settling into your new pad and having a wonderful time making new and exciting memories xxx

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Yum! I love meatballs!! Going to try your recipe sometime :) All of your foods on that list sound delicious LOL