Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Eve Of Christmas..

I don't even know how I've found time to write this post. Christmas is a really busy time once the family is altogether. Then again my 26 year old sister woke me up nice and early by laying directly on top of me..and laughing? How do you not laugh at a situation like that? But I find myself awake and it is still early, on my first day off; Christmas Eve. The two of them are outside smoking, mother and daughter. So I decided to blog.

My sister brought her digital, the only thing I asked for for Christmas may I add..and found out two nights ago that I was not getting. My mom's short term is the pits, so she forgot that I had asked for anything. Bummer. But we were taking loads of pictures and they turned out to be quite hilarious. I believe they are going to be sent to me after the holidays because they can't get them on the computer .. I don't know how it works. I am a bit behind on the digital cameras these days.

Last night the wine was uncorked and plentiful, shared between myself..and myself. Well, I did salvage one glass to my sister, unwillingly. It is Christmas.

I find that I am still a bit excited about it even though I would now consider myself an adult. I look forward to tomorrow morning when we'll all be up and ripping open presents together. I have never had a Christmas with both Kyli and Joe, so this will be nice and different. It's really nice to see my brother in the house. It just makes it more home having all of us here. Rudi is here too I bet and very happy to see that we're not sobbing our heads off in depression and self pity. I haven't felt sad yet about Rudi since all this Christmas stuff started. I mean, since Rob's been gone I haven't really broken down like I usually do. Then again, I might be holding back until he returns to do so.. I have NO IDEA how my little warped mind works.

There is a retarded amount of presents around here. Kyli and Joe brought three huge boxes worth of presents sent from Joe's family in Nova Scotia. How intense is that?? But it makes the Christmas an even bigger one. And I think it makes mom a little envious...and insecure about the presents she's bought them. But oh well..Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the added stress of wonder and self doubt.

I know that blog land won't be very busy at this time of year, and if it was I'd truly think I'd be sad about that. If I was getting my digital I'd be documenting tons of pictures each day, but unfortunately the short term memory wins again.. Short term .. you suck.

Merry Christmas Everybody and I'm shooting for happier days to come this year..


acumamakiki said...

Merry Christmas and keep uncorking the wine!!

Suz said...

Hey send some of that wine this way!

You sound very up beat Haley. So glad that all of your family is there & Rudy is there in spirit.

Merry Christmas To You & Your Family!

Hugs Suz

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Haley!

The Humanity Critic said...

Happy Holidays!!

TRUTHZ said...

i am glad you gives managed to enjoy the good and not focus on what you had lost...

short term is a killer esp if you cramming for an