Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Week Shift

I just returned from my first cookie party. I am impressed with the idea of such an event. I mean, how brilliant of a woman... make a few batches of cookies and invite others to do the same and to bring them..get together, socialize, drink, eat your faces off... and leave with all of your holiday baking. It's quite the clever, little idea. So cudos to whoever thought of that.

My first impression when I walked into the house was.."you're okay, you can do this.." and then when I walked upstairs to see.. No one that I recognized I was more like, "ahhh, run before anyone sees you!" But, I made it through the first forty minutes. Those minutes were a bit slow with getting other people to talk, or getting myself going. But after awhile, and only one 'special' coffee later, I was telling stories about hiking, Alberta, my license? my love for chips and not cookies (oops..hehe) and how much I am loving the island life. So it was all good in the end.

Rob's aunty and cousin were the ones holding the party and I felt that it was important for me to go, just to show them that I am comfortable enough to go and to let them get to know me a little bit better. Things like this are important and I know how important these relatives are to Rob, seeing as they are the only ones here on the island AND because he does love these ones very much. I was also invited along with my mom, so as to get her butt out on the social scene. But she must not be ready for that just yet. She should've gone because she may have met a few ladies that she could've gotten along with. But to be honest, the one that she would've liked the best would most likely be Rob's aunty anyway. So at least I know she didn't really miss out on a new friendship opportunity. I know that my mom will meet Aunty L. sooner or later.

I also felt like this was something I had to do... wanted to do because Rob's really important to me and I know he is really glad that I went and did this. The fact that he's not even here makes it an even bigger deal. It shows that he didn't have to kick my ass out the door in order for me to show up, because he's all the way across Canada.

I am doing much better than I thought I was doing, not having Rob here and dealing with Christmas. I've mentioned before that this is the best week for him to be away because it is the busiest week for me. My brother and sister will be arriving hopefully on the evening of the 23rd. I am very excited for their arrival because then it will truly feel like Christmas is here.

Rob mentioned to me tonight that we have one week apart and then he'll be home. I am glad that it's only one week but it also discouraged me. It feels like he's been gone for days..when really he left on... Sunday? It's almost like when you start a shift at work...and your two hours into it..and your co-worker says, "Wow you've only been here for two hours..you still have.. six more to go.." Ugghh, it's like.. Noooo I haven't checked the clock yet, and then after that you can't seem to keep your eyes off of it. That' s sorta how I felt tonight when he told me that. But that's okay.

He seems to be pleased with me from the stories he's been telling his family. This makes me happy, knowing that he's proud enough to talk about me lots to family and friends. It actually makes me REALLY, REALLY, REALLY happy.

Aunty L. called me sweetie and told me that she just loves me when I left tonight. There, the cookie party was worth it.. for that. I even stashed a present under their tree with a card to the whole family, even Nibs the dog.. and she didn't see it. So that will be a nice surprise for all of them. Plus! She loved me before the nice "fruits and passions" products that I bought them.. Hehe. I am so pleased that she Loves me and thinks I'm a sweetie. We even made plans to get together later in the week to do some..ahem (can't tell, Rob might read..) .. and drink some wine with a few girls. She said she'd love to join, so I'm gonna invite her no questions asked. She was only getting started tonight, but she looks like she could be a lot of fun.

Sooo, in conclusion, the night was great. I did this to meet new people, which I did. Get to know Rob's family better.. which I did. To get an assortment of cookies, which I did. AND to show Rob how much he means to me, which I think I did.

Check Check Check Check !!!!


Pieces of Me said...

wow sounds like fun...ive never been to a cookie party but I want to come!! It was so nice of you to hang out with Rob's family! I am sure he really felt the love!! I hope you are having a great week..TTYL

holli said...

I know it sounds cliche - but absence really does make the heart grow fonder!!! And I think you're right, if you're important to Rob.. going to that party was a great idea. Bonding with his family is a good thing, for both of you.. well, for all of you! I'm so happy for you Haley!!!!

And a cookie party to boot - that just SOUNDS CUTE!!!!

Suz said...

Cookies parties are great, Iam assuming they are the same of what I call a cookie swap. When I lived in NY I use to go to alot of them, miss them & the friends that gave them.

Glad you got to meet Rob's aunt. Sounds like you fitted in perfectly!

Heres hoping the days fly by till you are with Rob again!

Hugs Suz

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...

Trying to catch up.. So glad to hear the cookie party was a hit for you. Sounds like you are a hit in Rob's family. YAY! But really, how could you not be? =)

holli said...

I got a "boxing day" sale email.. so

Happy Boxing Day from me, Nate Nate and Baby Faith!!!

TRUTHZ said...

you should host a "dip" party have everyone bring different dips...i might have to take the cookie idea...uh, after i lose my 20lbs.

Anonymous said...

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