Sunday, December 18, 2005

Legends Are Missed

Just an example of how cooky this one can get..

Missing You.

Today was the day that I took Rob to the airport and sent his tiny little bum back to his mama. I am sure she is quite thrilled, no, actually I know she is just overwhelmed with excitement with having her "golden boy" home. I am sure his sister is happy too, but is also rolling her eyes with all the attention that goes to golden boy when he returns. Believe me, there's a golden boy in my family and watch out... nobody messes with him according to mom.

I kind of lost my cool saying goodbye. But not only because I am a sappy wuss that is actually going to miss him but because of other reasons as well. First off, it was early.. so that means that I am tired, and that makes my mood... sad? Haha, okay okay I miss him because I really care about him. Secondly, this Christmas is going to be tough and I know that I have to face it all alone, even though my family is going to be here with me. My brother and sister don't arrive until Christmas Eve and leave on Boxing Day so... no offense to them..they're barely going to be here. For my third reason... I have my monthly encounter..which means I am Emotion Central, with every little thing making me tear up. So having my boyfriend go away for a tougher Christmas and have to worry about finding my way home in the dark, help with the tear flowage. And I think my main reason for being soooo sad is because part of me, a very stupid part of me in the back of my mind, thinks he will not come back. Even though I know he has to...all his stuff is here. But with the last one, he left me.. To be honest I think that wound is still a bit fresh and the situation is a bit similiar..but I know in my heart he'll return because he is nothing like the last. The idea just freaks me out a bit.

But enough about my sappy self, even though that is really all that is up lately. Christmas is here everybody, can you believe it? I can't. It crept up so quickly. It's only one week away and I still have just a little bit of shopping to do. And it's the most important because it's for Rob. We are doing our Christmas afterwards. Hello Boxing Day Sales! Though I'm not one for shopping on that particular day, but I might just have to make that sacrifice.

Here's to Christmas to come, cookies to burn for my cookie party coming and to staying positive this holiday time! WoopdeeWoo!

WoopdeeWoo? That one, I am not sure how to just came out. The legend..well that's a long story.. that only the golden boy knows how to truly tell..


acumamakiki said...

We love Boxing Day in this house but then we love Canada and especially visiting at this time of year.

I hope your Christmas is a good one Haley. I know it will be rough but you have A LOT to look forward to with seeing Rob when he gets back.

Karen said...

what is hanging out of his mouth? gummy worms or fishing bait? lol

have a wonderful christmas with your family and look forward to rob coming home and starting the new year with you. hopefully that thought will help you through...always nice to have something to look forward to...


holli said...

What the heck is boxing day? I have a few people I would like to box!

I know this is going to be a bittersweet Christmas.. just do the best you can, and appreciate the time you do have with your family.

I'm thinking about you.

Big hugs.


Kyli said...

Why do you think you have to face all this alone?? I'm here, and you can call me whenever you want. Talk to you soon...
Love Ky

AFGUY said...

i hope your x-mas will be a great one! Have fun in Canada

Haley said...

Holli-Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when all the sales are on everywhere! It's the busiest day at the malls, everywhere it's quite hectic actually.
Karen- You are right I do have something to look forward to..and that will help.
Acumama- I didn't know that Boxing Day was Canadian. Are you visiting Canada this christmas?
Kyli- I know. But I feel bad calling you when I'm down because I don't want to ruin your day..sorta deal. I don't's hard to explain..
Afguy- Thanks, I will have fun in Canada. i usually do.

Suz said...

Love the picture!

Big Hugs Haley, I hope you have a good Christmas. I know it will be rough for you & your family without Rudy but I also know by all your posts that Rudy would want you all to smile and that he will be there with you in spirit.

I know that looking forward to being with Rob again will also help.

More Hugs


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