Friday, December 09, 2005

A Tribute

I realize that I am a day late. But the important thing is that I still remembered the day of..

December 08, 1980 John Lennon was shot outside of his New York apartement by David Michael Chapman. Sad news, I am sure for most. I sure was sad about it even though John and I were never on this the same time..

Okay okay..I realise I sound nuts, but ... I really like him. I watched a lot of specials on John, and I was interested in the Beatles when I was younger. I will admit because I was copying everything the older siblings liked. But, not only did I like the Beatles, I found I had a special interest in John Lennon. He was just interesting.. he stuck out from the rest.

Of course he wasn't the typical lead singer in the sense that he wasn't the "cute one". McCartney was. Lennon was the ... different one. He was just an interesting person and I will continue to read about him and I am sure learn a whole lot more.

It is strange that a person has been dead for more than my very existence. I was thinking about that yesterday. How the hell can that even be imagined? I mean, everyone knows that the world was around before we were...but it's just a difficult thought to process.

Last night Rob, Alex and I paid a little tribute to Mr. Lennon.. We smoked in his respect and.. then later Rob and I listened to his cd laying in bed. I was skimming through some of his songs, because MAN Yoko sucks at singing...and he unfortunately has her in some of his songs. By the way, I refuse to even discuss my thoughts on her. I don't want to express them in this here..tribute. So yes, respect was granted for him yesterday, which I felt was important even if I am one little fan..

The guy is a legend again, Rob and I discussed this.. Was he a legend because he died? I personally think that being killed or dieing early the best thing that could happen to a rock star's image. Sounds sick, but it's true. A person is so much more ... treasured, respected...once he is dead. this society..we always want what we can't have.

The reason why I am so pleased with my fondness for Lennon, is the fact that not a lot of people LOVE Lennon. Well, at least not in my age group. Our age group's legend is Kurt Cobain, really. Which I don't know tons about..but am getting informed every other day .. by Rob. I am enlightening him on John. And I am getting to know Kurt a little better myself.

"Rob, this is my friend John. You may have heard of the band he was in.. He went solo may have heard of some of his work.."

"Oh that's nice Haley. This is my friend Kurt. He invented grunge music..some people make a big fuss over him..."

If we were as cool as we thought...we'd be pretty fuckin' cool.


Anonymous said...

So sad... I often wonder what he would have done with his life had he lived.

And no Cold-fx here in the states


Suz said...

What a nice tribute to him Haley. I was one that did like him.

I remember when the whole thing happened, it was such a terrible thing and so sad not only for his young son & wife but also for all his fans.

Hugs Suz

holli said...

I love him - Imagine is my favorite song.. and I just watched a documentary on him yesterday.. so this is perfectly timed!!

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