Monday, December 05, 2005

Spontaneous Johnson

Jack Johnson. He's good. His music is a head bobber, a toe tapper. He relaxes me when I listen to him. If ever feeling anxious, I suggest a good Johnson song to bring you up.

Life lately, is turning into routine, which is nice in a not so new place anymore.. Apparently I live here now. Hehe, I like saying that.

I'm living my own life now. Doing what I need to do, for me. Selfish? Not so much. I look forward to the future. I think my car troubles are going to fixed..after this winter! Then I will be able to take myself wherever I feel whenever I want..night or day.. I love the idea of that. Freedom, true freedom.

I am getting Sundays off now, which is BEAUTIFUL! I want to do more active things on Sundays. I went hiking with Rob yesterday, which I must say was challenging. For a guy that doesn't do anything, he's in fairly good shape. Considering I have been swimming and running for a month now, and he was doing just fine.. Bugger. Some guys are just lucky like that. I can carry him on my back..that's how small he is. Haha..I mean light. He's not scrawny though..which is plenty nice to look at.

After I do anything, like running or swimming, I feel so energized, in control of my body. I am at 140 lbs..and I want to be able to turn the fat .. into muscle..definition. I don't just want to feel good, I want people to see what I've been trying to do... Let them see my reward.

I look forward to my life.. because my future has never been so unknown before.. I have no idea where I'm going to be in one year.. No idea what friends I will have.. where I'll be working and living. I love that. Apparently I've turned a little spontaneous.

Spontaneity is good, just like Jack..


TRUTHZ said...

congrats on the newfound freedom and the feeling of peace and being okay with all the new changes. that's where i am trying to get to...any advice

Suz said...

Way To Go Haley On Feeling Content and Happy With Where You Are At In Your Life & What Is Going On!

Its so great to see you like this. You have grown so much in the few months that i have known you.

Yay on getting Sunday off!

Hugs Suz

holli said...

It sounds like you're really having a great time.. on your own, with life and with Rob. That is wonderful!!

Don't get too spontaneous - I just watched a special on Spontaneous Human Combustion last night!! I wouldn't want you blowing up anytime soon!!

Haley said...

Ooh, Holls that I will keep in mind..or try to forget..completely....haha


AFGUY said...
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AFGUY said...

Damn Haley everytime i read your posts i learn something new and im amazed everytime. You can pick up your Thats funny! What does he say? Some men would feel as if your are "taking away his manhood" lol.. i had to throw that one in there... Anyhoo good luck with it and id hate to see you fight someone jeez. You must be strong! :P Thanks for stopping by.