Monday, November 28, 2005

Babies All Grown Up

Katie BEAR!!!!

My best friend Katelyn, hehe is 19 today folks! The youngest of the girls. And there were about seven of us at one point.. She's our baby. She's finally legal all over Canada. Though it doesn't matter in Alberta with the drinking age at 18. But Katie you are finally old enough. Soon we'll be planning trips into the states and you STILL won't be old enough, hehe.

Katie has and will always be here for me... She has been there throughout some of the most horrible things that have happened in my life. When I felt like my entire world had ended, she would be there. Or she'd be the one to come over to my house to wake me up.. get me out of bed and take me to Fusion, anywhere... just to get me OUT. She would buy my mom flowers when she knew she was having a rough day. She is a really considerate and thoughtful person. She was the only person that I actually said goodbye to when I moved. She stopped by the old house with a case of beer for mom and a bottle of pink poison for me. She knew us well. She was there for it all. I can say that I've been there for her, but not for it ALL. I wish I could say I was..

So today is her day. The day to celebrate her life here. For her being here and for her to live onto to continue to do great things for other people because that is what Katie does. She lives to cheer us up, she breathes to make her mama smile and to be her dad's company. She is here to make others happy and we are so greatful to her. I love this girl. She is why I am so strong. She is an example to me ... to not be a victim, but a survivor. We've all had our share of rough experiences and Katie doesn't milk that shit.

I am so happy for my girl because she is finally happy. She is proud of her life and I am too. This is a great person everyone..

Happy Day My Girl. I love you!


holli said...

Happy Birthday to your friend.. and hugs to you from us!!

I can't believe the drinking age in Canada is so young. I would have been really excited about that when I was 18!!

Suz said...

What great pics, Thanks for sharing them with us.

Happy 19th Birthday To Katie! She sounds like a wonderful person and a great friend! So glad she has been there for you.

Big Hugs,

Pieces of Me said...

Hey you!! Happy Birthday to Katie!! That was such a great post for her!! I hope y'all have fun celebrating! Come down to GA :-) TTYL

Kyli said...

Katie!!! Happy Birthday Sweetpea!
I can't wait till you come see me in Victoria. I'm so proud of the woman you've grown up to be, and thank you for ALWAYS being there for all of us. Whenever you miss me, just think of that one specail talk we shared with one another.....
"Yeah....well I hate YOU"!!
(cue your tears)hahahaha!!
Love your other big sis,

AFGUY said...

Happy B-day to your friend! I hope you guys have fun there. BTW How cold is it in Canada now. Its a bit nippy here in TX and it sux!

have a good day

holli said...

You know what you have to do when you come to the states.. come have a drink with me!!

By then I will have a babysitter!!