Saturday, November 12, 2005

Home Girl

I realized that home isn't Hinton. Up until this trip I thought that's what it was. The song, by Micheal Buble "Home" came on when I first moved here and it made me sad. Tonight I had a shower and heard it again but this time I felt great about the song. Hinton was just a place that I grew up in. Home is where family is. It's my brother, my sister, my mom and Rudi.

I realized that longing for home is something I will forever have to do. Home is where all our memories are made. I know that I still have the rest of my family to share new experiences with and I do look forward to them. But there will always be something missing in our home. Even when we start families of our own.. there will always be a piece missing... someone to miss. I realize now that that's okay. Home is where we all are when we're matter where that might be. To me now, that is home..

Hard to concentrate right now on writing a blog.. So I leave you all with that little bit about what I believe to be home.. Hope it makes you all think.


Anonymous said...
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Suz said...

Ok first who is the jerk who left that comment on your blog, geez some people!

I totally agree with you Haley, home is where your family is. Home is where you have all your love ones around you.

I may be wrong but you seem a little lost in this post.

Hugs Suz

holli said...

Oh my DEAR LORD - that first comment!!! And they spelled beads wrong. If you're going to be lewd, at least spell it all correctly!

Haley, I totally agree. Once you start growing up, your definition of "home" is a little different.. and you miss what you used to have - whether that's a place, a certain time in your life, a person, etc.. and then the meaning of home changes (at least for me) to a feeling of where my family is. And that's enough for me - because that's what is important.

I'm glad you're doing so well.

AFGUY said...

To the jerk who left that anon msg....if you are gonna be an asshole, at least have the balls to say who you are. Haley i understand about home and being away from there. I miss home and the smell of the house(when i lived there as a kid) and my friends and the basketball court that i used to play at all the time, and the fishing the lists goes on. Dont let it ever leave your heart..keep it close to you anbd try to go back as much as you can.

Haley said...

HAHA--- Yes the first comment was a bit much. But that's okay..that's what I get for allowing anonymous comments on my blog!.'re right. I am a bit scatter brained..and totally distracted while writing that post. I'm a little disappointed with it to be honest.

Thanks for sticking up for me with that weirdo guys!!


TRUTHZ said...

man...i came too late and missed the 1st comment...anyways, i fill you on home... i went to Jamaica and it felt like home to me even though i had never been there before...i felt so at peace and at ease...but Chicago will always be my home even though all my family are in the process of moving elsewhere because Chicago is where i feel like myself.

acumamakiki said...

Exactly what everyone said!! Another favorite blogger was commenting just today about 'home' and I said like everyone else, it changes. My home is now in the Northeast but where I became ME is in Los Angeles and while it's not my home anymore, it's my hometown and I have fondness for it without feeling like it's my home anymore.

I wish I could have seen the weirdo comment, I like intrigue. (=

Anonymous said...

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