Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Me

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

This is a saying that my friend told me about today. I was talking about how I have to keep myself modivated to run everyday. He shared this quote with me. I like it.

Today I ran for my sixth day, unfortunately not consecutively. But it felt really great to do it. The first day was killer but, I ran on and off. But today I ran the entire way only walking twice for a short time. I can't explain how amazing it made me feel when I got home. I was energetic and enthusiastic. I was very out of breath and sweating more out of anything. But it didn't last long. Like the first day I ran I was out of breath for a considerably long time. It just feels so great to know that it is actually working!

Running makes me feel so great. I think if anyone has the time to do this they should really consider it. Rudi started body building in his early twenties and didn't stop until months before his death, at age fifty five. I now understand why he did it. Well not completely because I haven't any physical results yet. Today I succeeded in running the entire way and I can't even begin to explain how proud I feel that I did it.

I kept thinking that I should keep my mind off the running altogether. If I think about it I remind myself that I am tired and want to stop running and start walking. But the entire way I kept my mind going on anything and everything. My entire life was flashing before my eyes, because I was making it in order to keep myself going. On the way back I kept on thinking about how tired I was. I thought about how great I am going to feel and look this coming summer. I'm going to be tanned because I live near the ocean and I plan on going to the beach everyday. I will have a flat stomach, great, muscular legs and long dark hair. ( growing my hair long and dying dark brown). I really look forward to the summer because *Rob and I are going to go to Tofino and I am going to try out surfing for the first time. I think I will really enjoy it and I know that he does. We'll be surfing, and looking and feeling GREAT!

I love that my life is turning around and that I am a new me. I am really serious about the exercising. When I can't run out here. I will go lane swimming with my aunty at the pool which is right across the way from *Rob's house. I am just really looking forward to looking better and not only that, but feeling better about myself as an end result. Exercise is very rewarding and I am excited about the new me that is sneaking into my new life.


holli said...

I felt much better when I was running - I loved it. I need to start again.. and your post has me really thinking. But for now - I'm also thinking - hmmm.. wonder how fast Faith can move. :)

I'm so glad.. you seem so happy. And that makes me happy.

:) Yay for you.

Angela said...

Hi Haley,
I was reading your blog. Running does make you feel better, well exercise of any kind does, but I think running gives you a chance to think and be by yourself.
The post about you and your mom's fight, well that's natural. When I was 18 we fought constantly and now we have a great relationship, but I will have to say I could never live w/ her again. She would drive me nuts. But I do always know my mom loves me like noone else ever could and will always be there for me no matter what!

Karen said...

I'd love to run, but it KILLS my knees/joints. I've been told over and over that walking is easier on the body so I just do that. But I do feel better afterwards...just have to go farther for the same effect.

You said you are coloring your hair dark brown? What color is it naturally? I thought it was already dark brown! lol

Good for you for taking care of yourself and getting in shape! It's fun to have a goal and work towards it. Even more fun to achieve it! :)


Suz said...

I use to be a runner in high school but then Lupus showed up and now I try to walk alot.

Its great that you are getting yourself into shape and adding this into your "new" life. You sound so happy and Iam so happy for you!

Have A Safe Trip This Weekend!

Hugs Suz

Pieces of Me said...

UGH I wished you lived close so I could get a running buddy...I need motivation!! I want a new me!! Have a great weekend TTYL

Haley said...

Oh thanks girlies! Yes my hair is naturally brown. But it's a lighter brown roots are coming in.. I don't know! I want fresh, NEW dark brown hair! me right!


Anonymous said...

I use to run when i had just Hannah. I plopped her in the jogging stroller and off we went. Now I have to figure out a way to excercise outdoors WITH both kids!

I love seeing you happy!

acumamakiki said...
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Haley said...

(Deleted acumakiki's comment because her email address was in it..and she didn't want spam.)

I explained because when i am so nosey and see the deleted comment and wonder why that person had been deleted. so now you all know!


acumamakiki said...

Thanks Haley!!

SO great that your running. I used to run but now have achilles tendonitis (from overtraining, not the running) but there's nothing that gets you in shape faster or frees your brain as quickly as running. I'm also impressed that you like to swim. I swim like a dog in the water, I can do it but it's not pretty.

I need some inspiration for exercising, it's been a crap 8 months of sporadic exercise and NO inspiration.

Mama said...

I am so proud of you! And you sound great! I've been thinking about excersizing. I really need to b/c of fms, but I can't run as it is too harsh for me. My kids say my knees sound like sponge bob's.

Btw, those pics are great! (below)

holli said...

How is Haley? Where is Haley?

Erin said...

Hiiii Haley! Reading your blogs, is like reading a book! Normally I don't like reading, but you have so many interesting thoughts and they really make me think about my own life. And yes, running is awesome, and I love how you have such a positive attitude and can look forward to looking even better next summer! I can't wait to meet you and hopefully if all works out, I'll be living in Tofino next summer. So happy for you and bob :) See you soon!

Anonymous said...

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