Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Flippin' Fun

Rob and I have so much fun together. This is a perfect example of this... About an hour prior to this picture, Rob asked me to walk towards him... so I do this..and he flips me.. like a crazy man over his head onto my back, onto his bed. I screamed so loud! So this time around, I was somewhat prepared. My cousin Alex was the one taking the picture, preparing for the action shot.

There is the result.. My hair is flying in the air.. It's not like he was gentle when flinging my body through the air over his shoulder. Too funny.

My point of this post is to admit that having the right person in one's life is just the medicine. Ever since meeting Rob things have become a hundred times more interesting that's for sure. He's quite the character and a lot of fun to be around.. As you can see... from the pictures again..

It's really nice being around someone so supportive of what I am going through. Supportive is a really great way to explain what Rob is like. He just supports me, and tells me when he's proud of me.. which seems like a lot.. and that is so rewarding to hear. "I'm proud of you."

We just have a lot of fun together. Like when we think of things to do..when we're bored, we go to the pub and play pool together, or a game of darts. I have never been like this before in a relationship. I don't know if I was lazy, but I was never willing to do those kinds of things. But now I really enjoy it. He even mentioned how cool it was to be having a beer with his girlfriend at the pub and playing darts. I agree. We definetly are a cool couple. And when something bothers one of us, we just tell each other.. and the teeny as that may be, is resolved..and noted. I don't know, we're doing well. And I couldn't be happier with everything.

It's really nice to have found him so soon, after I moved here. I think we really needed each other. Now at least we can say we have one good friend here in B.C. (though we both have a couple of good ones..)

I'm proud to say that I am dating Rob and I hope that he is pleased with his new girl too.


Suz said...

As Iam sure he is proud to be dating you dear Haley!!!

Its great that you have found someone that not only makes you so happy but that supports you in so many different ways as you also seem to support him of what I can tell from past posts like with his music.

Its great when you find that special someone, its even better when they are also your best friend!

Iam so happy for you!

Hugs Suz

acumamakiki said...

What a positive and uplifting post. You both look very happy in all the pics you post and I'm glad you've found someone deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy each other! You sound so darn happy =)

AFGUY said...

You too look great and you look like you are having a awesome time being flung here and there..
I am glad to see you guys happy.

Mama said...

Just reading your words and looking at your pics bring a smile to me!

You two are too much flippin' fun! LOL! I am so amazed at the growth I see in you since we met! I too am proud of you! BIGHUGS!!!~m

Cassy said...

Awesome to see you so freakin happy! Good for you, girl!