Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Joe Struck


I am home from being away for almost more than a week. I have not stayed home for what seems like forever. I have just been staying at *his house because we have been spending a lot of time together. I like being home but only for so long and then I get anxious to get back into Qualicum again. I guess I feel like I'm somewhat missing out on "life" .... when I'm out here in Errington. Maybe I should look into what that means, or not. Once I get back into Qualicum I don't have to do anything, but just being there is enough for me. Weird huh..

I can't really explain yet where I am going this weekend, but it is far... and it is damn well worth it. It is mom and Rudi's anniversary. 18 years they would've been married.. Once a person dies, I guess that means that the couple is no longer married. ' Til death do us part...?' Kyli and Joe are coming to stay with her this weekend so that she is not alone. I am releived to hear that. I knew that my timing was bad but I really need to go this weekend or it just won't work out. ( I'll explain after I return where I went and why..)

Kyli is a great person, always very considerate. But I know that Joe is behind this visit. When Rudi was dieing he really surprised me with his mature actions. He really pulled through for the family. And he really loved Rudi and I had never realized this before. Never. I am glad now that Rudi ended up giving Joe his beautiful guitar and not Paul. Not for obvious reasons either. Joe really deserved it just for the way he was about Rudi. He was just so good to him. It was almost like watching a grown man with a baby girl in his arms... the precious way that a man looks with a child in his arms..and you can see how taken back that man is to such a sweet little person. Well of course Rudi didn't resemble a baby girl, but the way that Joe handled him and talked to him, was just touching.

Joe and I have this fake Love-Hate relationship. I say it's fake because there is no hate in it at all. We poke fun at each other all the time. After partying in Vic that night I was running around without pants. ( I do not wear pants to bed..everyone who knows me, knows this..and has to deal with my pant less self at night.) Well he wound up so hard and smacked me right in the ass. My goodness it hurt, but I couldn't feel, with how drunk I was. But it's stuff like that. Next time I'll pull his chest hair really hard when I get a chance.. We get each other back. It makes for a more interesting visit. As well as entertaining for everyone else.

So I guess I can say that I dedicate this blog to someone I know will "make it" in the family.. To my one day brother in law, Joe Stewart. The hairiest bastard I know.

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Suz said...

Hugs To Your Mom! Iam glad that your sister and Joe will be there with her.

Joe sounds and looks like fun and Iam sure he will make a great BIL.

Wherever your travels take you this weekend I hope you have a safe trip and all works out!

Hugs Suz