Friday, October 28, 2005

Less Celery..

"Rudi likes celery... (long pause) but Rudi's not here anymore. Soo, life goes on... ( another pause) with less celery, and that's okay." ~My Mom

Sometimes the things that come out of her ramblings. I was laying in my bedroom and she literally does not stop talking to herself and that is something that popped out of her mouth. Kinda cute sometimes.

Today was tough. I woke up feeling quite horrible. Don't you hate those mornings where you wake up fully knowing that the day ahead is going to be rough just by the way your throat feels, or when you go to say something you sound like a frog.. I sure do. So I went to work and I was in rough shape. I didn't even have to tell my boss that I didn't think I could make the day. He just said, "my goal today is to get you out of here as soon as possible, okay.." How cool of a boss. I must admit, when push comes to shove the man really pulls through. He is very understanding in that way. By 12:30 some cold sweats and frog like responses to the customers later... I was outta there! The thing that got me was that he thanked me for coming in today. He said that we would've been screwed without me a few times this morning. He was happy that I toughed it out. I guess it was a good thing that I didn't call in sick. This way at least they all knew that I wasn't feeling good and they all didn't have to be completely alone this morning. It was pretty busy.

So I came home with my "soup to go" from work and downed that. The entire time I ate it at my kitchen table, which took me awhile because I couldn't at that point, breathe out of my nose.. I was still in my down filled jacket. My mom turned the heat up and I finally took the jacket off.
A real nap was in order so I took one and just awoke a half an hour ago to the phone ringing.

Tonight nothing is planned and I couldn't be happier. I have to work at 8:30 tomorrow and I need to make sure that I am in better spirits for work. There's no way I want to drag my ass for a third day there. That would just be sickening to my co-workers. I work with a couple of sweet hearts. If they read this, which I know that they do not.. I would say THANK YOU to the good, understanding people that work out there.

For tonight I find my healthy self somewhere.. so that I have energy for the weekend.


Suz said...

Awww Hugs To Your Mom! Though I have to admit, I tend to talk to myself also, maybe it come with old age.

Also Hugs To You, So sorry you arent feeling good. It was nice of you to go into work for a little bit. You sound like you have what Iam trying to get over. I hope you enjoyed your soup & your nap and that you feel better by tomorrow.

Hugs Suz

holli said...

I talk to myself to.. and maybe I am old - I don't think so?? (don't tell me)

You don't worry about going out until you get well.. you'll just get more sick!!!! Good grief!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw! Your poor mum. ((((()))))

And you missy, keep your ass home and get better! Yes, that IS an order!

Chubby Chocolate said...

You mother sounds a lot like my mom, only she talks about her mother.

I know how you feel about some mornings when it takes the day's worth of energy to get out of bed, only to muster up strength someplace else to face the day...Get well so you can enjoy the weekend!

Mama said...

((Haley)) hope by the time you are reading this you are feeling better and not croaky.

Kallee talks to herself(and anyone else who will listen) all day and all nite 24/7!

Rest, baby, stay home BIGHUGS!~mama

holli said...

Are you feeling better today? If we were closer, Faith, Nathan and I would come bombard you and make you either feel much better - or lose your mind!!! Actually, I love taking care of my friends when they feel bad. But since you're so far away - all I can do is check up on you.

Speaking of which, I need to check in on your mommy.

acumamakiki said...

I talk to myself all the time. Sometimes, my girl asks who I'm talking to so I have to be careful what I'm muttering or saying....
she could hear a pin drop or hear me throwing someone under the bus!

AFGUY said...

Thats cool that you tough things out :D

Maybe you should get some sleep like everyone tells me

Anonymous said...

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