Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Love As If You'll Never Get Hurt

I have not been update. SO weird, but at the same time.. It means that I have actually been busy for the first time since I moved... that didn't include work at all.

So, what you may ask did I do for my three days off...?? Got to know *someone better.. Isn't that the fun part really? I mean, getting to hear a new story, different history. It's different and I have decided that different certainly is better. Suddenly I feel blessed for being dumped. I can't imagine meeting up with this *one and having a boyfriend. My days were really great and they weren't even all that eventful. That's the beauty of it, isn't it? Spending time..with *someone...doing nothing and somehow it is all you could ask for..

Going back to work was a shame.. Just makes me look forward to my next days off that much more. I look forward to what my future holds...but I am also a little leery.

I can't live my fear of getting hurt again, though. Everyone gets burned..everyone. All hearts have been some form or another... A heart that isn't broke does not exist in this world. A heart is meant to break. As horrible as that may sound. It is the truth. I just hope this *one doesn't do that to me. Who knows..

Love As If You'll Never Get Hurt. That's a saying I have up in my room. It' s something I have to remind myself of. My friend is in the military. It makes me very uneasy and I have told him that I fear that he could get killed once he has to go over to Iraq, or wherever... who knows by then.. And he tells me .. he could die crossing the street.. And yes of course we both know that his chances of dieing in a war are a lot more likely..but he does have a point. I mean, living in fear of getting hurt emotionally would honestly make a person mental..or at least really hard to get to know. I'd be a damn hermit. Hiding away in a cave somewhere... cursing people that hiked by..thinking... don't talk to them..they'll HURT me. haha. Went a little off there. My friend had a point. He always seems to know what he's talking about. He's a good friend. And he's right. He could die doing anything.. and that fearing for his safety isn't something I should do too too much...though that is impossible. And everyone knows what I'm talking about because of Perry over in Iraq right now. We're all worried about him. But all in all, when our time comes... we matter what. And hurt will come when it is meant to..and we can't do anything about that either.

Hurt comes, but it also goes... And I can enjoy not being hurt for the time being.. Enjoy the peace and harmony in my life while it is here..


Mama said...

Absolutely, baby! Enjoy it! You sound so happy! Have a blast!

holli said...

I agree.. and those are excellent rules to live by.. you never know who is going to hurt you - or who is going to be the one to capture your heart and make the world into little fluffy clouds.. but you gotta take a chance. Nothing ventured.. nothing gained.

p.s. I had to delete your comment.. I think if nana saw that.. she would have a heart attack!! LOL!!!

acumamakiki said...

You get to know your own heart, each time you give of it. So much better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. I know, I know, very cliche, but the words are true.

Suz said...

I have heard that saying before and you have to go by it.

You sound wonderful Haley!, So happy. Live for today, Love For Today & Be Happy!

Hugs Suz

Karen said...

It's great that you're having a good time. New relationships are always exciting. :) Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Go with it Haley... whatever happens is meant to be. Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride. ((((((hugs)))))) to you!

Chubby Chocolate said...

That is now my new motto...When I find someone worthy to love! Good advice to live by.