Sunday, October 16, 2005


" The next time someone says, 'isn't a girlfriend something you have in highschool?' I'm going to say, ' a girlfriend is what I wake up to every morning, and I love it."

Yes, these are words from *him *himself..

I am a happy girl. I found someone that likes to watch hockey with me, that completely intrigues the hell out of me. I can't for the life of me, think of anyone that I've met that even resembles some of these traits in my entire life. I've been swept. It's as simple as that really.

We both joke about how much we hate lame-ass couple stuff, like double dating and people that are all over eachother in public. I can't express this enough, we consider ourselves a couple, only if it is understood that we are not to be categorized as the lame ones. When we were out with another couple.. (had been asking us to go out with them a few times...) *he was being such an ass. We thought of pet names to call eachother to poke fun at our friends. I apparently..somehow am "Raspberry" and he was "SugarBum"... but I've changed it to "Fruit Loop."

Fruit Loop because he is the craziest guy ever. He's really goofy, yet sexy and mysterious.. I don't know how it works, but somehow it does. After spending the last few days with him, I am beginning to get to know him more and more.. and I like it.

His music. Wow. This *one has talent. Talent that I can't describe. His voice is so sexy... his ability to basically play anything I request is so impressive..yet, he doesn't show off at all. God, modesty is sexy. I am completely intrigued with his gift to play and sing. I stare at his awe as he plays.. I admire the veins in his neck when he hits hard notes.. his arm strumming away.. He's a great package.

His passion is what gets me the most. He has such passion for ... certain things. His family is very important, and I love it. His baby sister is the world to him and I LOVE that. His love for his sister reminds me of my brother's love for me. So right there, I know what kind of a brother he is.. a damn good one. His mom is the world to him, and I can see that as well. His buddies that he left behind are talked about often and with such expression. He smiles at the mention of one of their names. It's great. And his BEST friend, she is someone special in his life... and that's great that he has that. His music. The way that he plays his guitar is filled with so much feeling and emotion... He loves it and I can see it.. and I love it. I just admire his passion for everything that he loves in his life.

So there it is. I am hooked. Swept... I'm in and I feel so good about this..


acumamakiki said...

You sound so happy! I'm glad your swept, isn't it a wonderful feeling? To have someone that inspires you and at the same time, isn't predictable??

Fruit Loopy is a good way to be, you won't be bored it sounds like and he's fun. THAT is what's important and it sounds like you've found it. I'm very happy for you, in your swept condition.

Anonymous said...

Aw! Haley I am so happy for you! You are so deserving of someone who will treat you with with respect and admiration. He sounds like a wonderful catch. Now we need pics =D

Suz said...

You sound so happy Haley and iam so happy for you. He sounds like he is a wonderful man! I love your nicknames for each other.

Enjoy the ride and what the future will bring you.

Oh and yea I want to see also!

Hugs Suz

Cassy said...

Awesome, girl!! I'm soooo happy for you. So incredibly happy for you.

You really deserve it. Enjoy!

deeanne1966 said...

Well its a good feeling to have & to hold.Cute lil pet names,,hmm,where did he ever come up with that nic name for U ...I can only imagine.Luvs ya Haley,& yes U deserve somthing good in your life bout time hun.. I want details,lol j,k tc.ENJOY!!

Pieces of Me said...

that is so awesome!! I am so glad you have found him! TTYL

holli said...

What a great post - it's like your family tributes.. only for someone in the future. I'm so happy for you!!!

He's sounds wonderful.