Friday, October 07, 2005

The Sparkle In My Eyes

Today today today.

My day went quite well at work. I've worked my little butt off for the last couple of months and it has payed off. I got a raise! I will not go on to share how much I make because it is peanuts, but it is enough for me right now, to live off of. Hehe, living at home has many benefits.

I am excited. That is what my post is... I am finding myself anxious, but a good anxious all of the time. Anxious for a phone call or a "get together.." I am excited about getting up in the morning, again. I mean, of course I served a purpose before, but it just is more exciting. I don't just work .. I have something to look forward to after a hard's day of work.

ALSO.... Hockey is back!!!! I am very excited about this. I wasn't at first just because since I moved, I don't get to see the Edmonton games, I get to see the Vancouver games. Now the Canucks are a good team, but Edmonton is MY team. I was born in Alberta, closer to Edmonton than Calgary. I am a fan. I don't know the names of all the players, I don't understand some of the calls... but I do love watching the games. I enjoy when we score a goal and when we get into fights.. I enjoy the OverTime games, especially when we win. The Oilers have had a rough go but I think this year it just might change. My ex used to LOVE Colorado and for some reason I hate them.. I don't even have a good reason. I just do. So when Edmonton and Colorado would play we'd be on opposite couches..doing victory dances to the other whenever our team would score. Good times. The other night, I was watching Vancouver play..which they won, by the way. And I wasn't really into it. I mean, I was into it just because it was the first game since the strike...and that's exciting. But at the bottom of the screen it says that the Edmonton game is playing on Ch. 77!!! I couldn't believe it.. It was the third period..and Edmonton was leading.. I believe 3-2. They were playing Colorado..hahahaha and then Colorado scored..with ten minutes until the end of the game. Shit. I was yelling and I was cursing and my mom was asking me from her bedroom what I was doing.. Then... it was all over, Edmonton scored and I was so excited. It's different when it's your team. My heart rate is up, and I wince whenever the puck goes near our end zone... I am angry and yelling at the players.." REBOUND. Why wasn't he there for the rebound shot..fuckin' morons.." Then we score and I'm like, " YES YES YES!! I love these guys!" (I have to admit..I did the yes, yes, yes the other night watching the game when we won..and it did sound pretty similar to "When Harry Met Sally" orgasm. You all know what I'm talkin' 'bout...) So I love my team and I am hoping that I can watch them more here because shit, it makes me really happy.

The excitement..again. It keeps finding me these days and I love it. I love that a hockey game put me in such an energetic, positive mood. Well, now let's be honest, the hockey isn't the only exciting thing in my life right now. But for now, that's all I'm going to get into detail about.. the hockey.


acumamakiki said...

Beautiful girl with the sparkle in your eyes.....hurray for you!

And congratulations on your raise. It's nice to be recognized for your value, it doesn't matter the amount. What matters is the gesture.

Sorry I can't share your joy for hockey. Baseball is about all I can stomach.

Mama said...

Oh you sound great! I am so glad you are happy! I have to sit still and email you, I haven't forgotten. In fact I've been thinking about you but its been a crazy 2 days. And I can't stay on now b/c I gotta get these kids to sleep. But I will be back.

We have always been a FB family. Cowboys, obviously, Tampa Bay Bucs too. But I grew up in PA so I grew up watching hockey! Now, my boys love hockey, in fact Shane is playing on a local men's league. Yes in Florida! ANd Devin went to the Univ of CO so he loved loved loved their team haha!

Have a great Friday nite! BIGHUGS!~m

Suz said...

The joy in your post just jumps off the screen! Iam really happy for you that this "joy" that has come into your life has given you such a glow about you, I dont need to see you to see it, I can feel it!

Congrats on your raise, you deserve it!

Hockey is one sport i dont mind watching. Iam a Rangers fan.

Hugs Suz

Anonymous said...

Aw Haley! You sooo deserve it honey, enjoy!

holli said...

I'm soooooo glad there is sparkle in your eyes.. to match all the love in your heart. Regardless of whether or not this is "the big one" - you are such a wonderful, caring and special girl.. and you deserve the fairytale.

And yay for a raise - anymore money means more "yay!!"


Matt said...

My Avs may have lost to the Oilers but they are sooooo much better of a team. Man I dislike the oilers, actually, I'm not really much of a fan of anyone in the NW division. The Canucks can suck it.

You really need to pick a better team to root for.

Chubby Chocolate said...

CONGRATS! On your raise. I miss living at home w/my parents. Take advantage of that as long as you can!

Good luck and just enjoy the ezperience.