Monday, October 24, 2005

The Land of Vic

My trip to Victoria was intensely anticipated. *we didn’t think that we were going to get there it seemed, but finally we did. *He got along really well with my sister and Joe. They had lots to talk about while Kyli and I did our routine "squacking" in the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, the balcony... My sister’s place isn’t very big but we always find ways to be alone to catch up on lost time.

They had previously reserved a big table for us at Darcy’s Pub. This is a great little pub right on the harbour, in downtown Victoria. At first I was disappointed having wanted to show *him Times. (Irish Times) But once we entered Darcy’s we knew that it was clearly a place for us. There was a huge big screen with the hockey game on! *He was in. We sat at a huge, wooden table that reminded me of camp. It was so big and it could fit like 30 small kids at it. We ordered drinks..and LOTS of food. I usually don’t eat when I’m at a bar..but in this case it seemed like the right thing to do. Lucky for me I did because even after allllll of the food, I was still pretty tipsy at the end of the night.

After the game, which the Canucks won again. Ugghh. (I should be happy for them, I am... but part of me wants them to lose?? Haha) The band started up. This was a great cover band that I actually had seen play at the Rod last year when I was just visiting the island with Rudi. This band can get the crowd going I have to say. *He really enjoyed the live music I think. He kept saying, "this is going to be me in 1 year!" *He really has ambition to start up something himself with his own musical talents. I think he has it in him too. I wonder if anything will come of it. I certainly hope so.. It’s nice to follow your dreams and even better to succeed.

I have to say, I was wearing a very hard to keep up top. Bad wardrobe choice on my part. I figured since I was wearing a zip up hoody..I could conceal them. But the band was playing some pretty hard stuff and I was forced to jump up and down like a freakin’ idiot. At this point, my sister who was quite a lot more intoxicated than me..was wide eyed and constantly pulling my top up for me. Oops. Only ONCE did I lose it completely revealing a perky, bouncing breast. Only ONE. That counts for something, right? At this point, I zipped up my hoody and decided that this was it for the halter top idea. (Took my drunk ass long enough.)

*We did have a really great time. We made some new friends, or acquaintances rather. But this was our first real partying that we shared together. I think there will be many more to come as time comes and goes. We were both very excited that everything went well. We both trusted each other, had a great time sitting together and chatting it up, dancing like losers on the dance floor that was ridiculously packed. I don’t worry about him checking out other girls because I trust him. He said he thinks it’s great how I handle guys when they appear to be hitting on me. I’m not a bitch, I’m not a flirt but I "let them down gently". Haha.

My favourite time of the night is when we were walking back to Ky and Joe’s apartment and there was a bum playing the guitar. *He insisted that I give the man some of my change. I gave a little. He’s like, "Haley give him some more!! I know this song!" Then he stands beside the man and starts singing along to the song as loud as he can. Of course he sounded really impressive, but I had to literally drag him away. I know that if I hadn’t he never would’ve left this bum’s side. These are the little things I like about *him. He’s a nut. I’m pretty goofy myself. I think we’re a good match. We get along well, and I love it when a guy can make me laugh. And recently I love it when a guy can surprise me in so many different ways.

Here’s to new surprises baby!


Anonymous said...

Oh Haley, he sounds like the perfect fit for you! I am sooo freakin happy for ya sweetie!

Suz said...

Oh Haley you sound so happy and I am so happy for you! He sounds like he is perfect for you!

Glad you had such a good time with your sister.

Hugs Suz