Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baby Steps

This blog I am dedicating to my mom. Today is a big day for her. I don't think she really realizes it, but I do. I got her to start her own blog. She is not very good with the whole computer thing yet. She's still pretty slow at it. But she is a great writer. I always noticed this in her cards on birthdays or anniversaries..she has a way with words. She is talented with sharing how she feels..on paper. Hmm, suddenly I am realizing where I might get my talent and love for writing from. I think that she has taken a giant step by entering the blog world. She is intimidated with the idea of it because it is way out of her comfort zone, to share her feelings with just anyone. But I assure her that you are all wonderful people that will enjoy hearing what she has to share.
I have been reading her Afguy's blog daily, which she always enjoys. I have been showing her Holli's videos of Faith that I am overdone excited about being able to see. She has seen Mama's kids and Suz's Connor. (cause he's so freakin' cute how could I not share him with her!)

She hears all of your comments and I can see that if she had this..this support, she would feel a lot better about her day's and night's. So I am getting her out there. It is her turn to have some friends. She needs people to converse with, and I have a feeling that this is just the trick. My mom is somewhat reserved because she doesn't like to go out and meet people on her own. She's afraid of it. I am a lot like her, but it is easier for me to meet people than it is for her. So I again think that this is a great step in her healing process to be able to share her feelings and memories of her husband, her life...with all of you.

So I introduce all of you, to my mother, Kim Wirth. www.kimwirth.blogspot.com I am afraid I do not know or care how to do links. So this will just have to do. And please feel free to check out her little entry for today and to let her know that you were there. Thanks guys!


holli said...

yay! I wish Nana would blog.. I am going to go look at your mom's blog as soon as I get home (barring any unforseen Faith/Nathan events) either way.. I will go welcome her to blogland!!!

Suz said...

I can relate to your mom, I had my blog a week before I posted in it and thats because "mama" made me, lol.

I went to her blog and posted. Glad she came aboard.

Oh by the way thanks for the compliment for Connor of course he is adorable while he is sleeping, lol.

Hugs Suz

Mama said...

Hi! I know its late, but on my way right now to visit your mom! I think you're doing a very good thing for her by introducing blogging to her. I think...no, I *know* I'm finding a part of me that has be long forgotten. The me part of me. Not Mama, not wife or daughter. Me. Sometimes its easier to meet people thru a blog too. They only 'see' as much as you want them to. And you can even put it all out there and don't have to look anyone in the eye ;)

Glad your days have more sunshine and more song! BIGBIGHUGS!~mama

Anonymous said...

YAY! So glad your mom is blogging! She will love it!

Karen said...

Hi Haley, I'm a friend of Holli's and I've been reading your blog for awhile. I just set up my account and my own blog so I can participate! :) I'll go check out your mom's blog and tell her she's not the only new girl on the block. Great to finally get to say hello to you...I feel like I know you already...

deeanne1966 said...

Where to start,LOL
my googness Haley,MOMS have it..sometimes afraid to show it.When U were here I wanted to meet Kim(your mom) never got to it.Sorry I did'nt.One day soon we will.Looking forward to reading her blogs.Haley U are a wonderful person & daughter.Your mom is very lucky to have u.But I always knew that.From the day we had our lil talk..As a mom I look up to U,trust me hun your 1 of a kind.Keep going strong.The mother daughter relationship feels good eh!!Dee

Anonymous said...

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