Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Angelic Readings

I love days off. I had my second one today and I go back again tomorrow. I promised myself that I would sleep in but I haven't, not even once. Oh well. I like getting up somewhat early. I woke and had myself the most amazing shower in the world. This a claw tub..with the shower curtain that surrounds the entire tub..no walls. My GOODNESS this is like an orgasm in a bath form. The shower head is massive and has so much hot, steamy water pouring. It was probably the best way to wake myself up on a dreary, rainy, smug day off.

I like that I can vocalise my insecurities.. and get answers that I need to hear. I am just lucking out when I get the answers I am looking for. It makes me feel so happy to know that I am not wasting my time. I love to know that I am doing something good with my life right now. Friendships are good, but they don't fill that void..

I feel full of life.. I feel excited about my days. I wonder waaaay into the future like most girls do. I wonder about things that shouldn't even be entering my mind at this point. But it's fun..and hell who said I can't have a little fun?

Knowing that certain people read this... holds me back from really writing how I feel. There are some people at home in Hinton that read it.... and I wonder if my life is being discussed..? I hope not.. I hope that what people read on here.. is something that they can respect and know that it isn't something I would appreciate being talked about.

I am happy. I am just really excited about my current situation because it is so new. I don't feel as afraid of it as I did either. Things were discussed between us and I couldn't feel better about the situation.

I confided in my angel cards last night.. and I got.. "Self Acceptance".. and "Soul Mate".

Now I'm not jumping to conclusions..but, these are pretty dead on cards for me to be getting. I NEVER get the soul mate card, never, never. I was also feeling really insecure about myself..like I always do in any new relationship.. so the self acceptance card was perfect..just telling me to accept myself as the angels and "god" see me. I am perfect in their eyes, therefore I should believe that I am perfect the way that I am. Again, I feel better having a little talk with *him and I do feel a lot more confident.
Self Acceptance~ "You are a perfect child of "god" and every part of you is wonderful. Your angels guide you to let go of negative self judgments and to enjoy being you!"

"Although you enjoy having high standards it's important to view yourself through loving eyes. Berating yourself only makes your spirit sink. Self improvements come from a positive mind set. "

Soul Mate~" Your prayer for a soul mate relationship has been answered. Follow the guidance that you receiveso that you may enjoy this gift of divine love."

"Your heart yearns for a big love. Since you are on the spiritual path, you desire a partner with a similar philosophy and common interests. Can you have great passion and spiritual companionship with the same person? The answer is yes. "

These cards are amazing and so right on with how I am feeling lately. I think that everyone should consider getting a stack of these..because they are just so therapeutic.

Doreen Virtue, PH.D - Oracle Cards.
"Healing With The Angels"



Suz said...

Your shower sounds like it was wonderful. I love those kind of tubs! Just reminds me of comfort.

Iam so glad that you had a talk with your honey and that you are happy with how the talk went. It just makes things all the better for you.

I love angels, collect them and highly believe in them and yet i have never heard of angel cards. What are they and where do you get them? The two you got match you to a "T" at this point in your life!

I can just feel the engery, warmth, the happiness coming from you Haley and Iam so happy for you!

Hugs Suz
P.S. I finally posted the Homecoming pics.

holli said...

OMG - I LOVE clawfoot tubs.. I want one someday. We had one growing up. They remind me of my childhood.

I've never heard of the angel cards, but you do sound so happy.

And just don't worry if people are talking about you back in Hinton. You just assume they are - and they always will, because that's what people do.. they talk until there's someone new to talk about.. and it's only because you're interesting. When people have nothing to say about you - that's when you need to worry.



acumamakiki said...

I love those angel cards, need to find some again.

I love your 'voice' in the postings lately ~ so positive and upbeat. Your happiness shines through and it's nice.

Anonymous said...

Haley girl, you sound fantabulous! I am so happy that you are so happy!

HHMM I think I need a clawfoot tub, lol!

Mama said...

((Haley)) Those tubs are the best! I *have* to have a good soak in the tub every nite, but mine is not claw.

I can feel you hopping out of the computer with joy! And those cards are beautiful...

I am so happy you are enjoying your life!its as it should be! BIGHUGS!~mama

Anonymous said...

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